President Nixon pressed CIA director on “the Who shot John? angle”

Listen here: The president pledged to protect “the Dirty Tricks Department.” An audio excerpt from Scorpions’ Dance by Jefferson Morley.

Scorpions' Dance

Order the book now: Scorpions’ Dance: The President, the Spymaster and Watergate (St Martin’s Press, 2022)

Order the audiobook of Scorpions Dance here.

Listen to an excerpt from Scorpions Dance here.

“Eye-opening investigation” -Publishers’ Weekly

1 thought on “President Nixon pressed CIA director on “the Who shot John? angle””

  1. Jerry Sanford

    With many of the same players involved in the Watergate break in and the
    JFK assassination it looks to me like the CIA found another way to take down a sitting president!
    Lets not forget Gerald Ford (VP under Nixon) was also on the Warren commission and could be depended upon to play ball after he inherited the oval office.

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