Monica Jimenez’s story: Watergate burglar threatened my mother because of her JFK story

Monica Jimenez

Monica Jimenez, survivor

Monica Mercedes Pérez Jiménez is the daughter of a Venezuelan dictator and Marita Lorentz, a former mistress of Fidel Castro who became a CIA spy.

She recent told her story to The Tico Times in Costa Rica where she lives There are problems with the story her mother told JFK investigators in 1978 but there is no doubt that Lorentz was involved in CIA covert operations in the early 1960s.

Monica Jimenez’s account of their life is vivid  and well worth reading, especially the part about how Frank Sturgis, former Watergate burglar, was arrested for threatening her mother.  Jimenez says the only reason Sturgis was arrested was because she alerted police. She was so worried Sturgis was going to hurt her mother that she brought a gun to the scene and was arrested herself. She was fifteen years old at the time.

Sturgis charges dropped Lorentz’s story

Marita Lorenz told the House Select Committee on Assassination that she met Lee Harvey Oswald in the fall of 1963 in Miami in the company of Frank Sturgis, a CIA asset who would be arrested in 1972 with six other men breaking into the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate office complex in Washington). Lorentz said Oswald, Sturgis and other men were studying Dallas street maps. Lorenz says she traveled with the men to Dallas in November 1963 carrying “rifles and scopes,” but left the day after they arrived.

The HSCA did not find her testimony credible.

I did not know that Sturgis had felt so threatened by Lorentz’s testimony that he took actions that resulted in his arrest. Nor did I know that Lorentz and her daughter felt so threatened by Sturgis that Monica contemplated shooting him in self defense.

The charges were dropped when police said they could not confirm any threats.

The whole story is murky enough that one cannot draw any definitive conclusions, save that all concerned felt that Lorentz’s JFK story was somehow dangerous.

About those photographs

One problem with Monica Jimenez’s story is that the photographs that she asserts show former Sturgis with Lee Oswald do not show anything of a sort. They show Sturgis with a young man who does not look much like Oswald.

Here’s the photo from,

Frank Sturgis photo

Is the man on the left Lee Oswald?

The JFK Murder Solved Web site claims JFK was shot by a man named James Files, now residing in federal prison Some JFK authors, such as Hillel Levin, author of Assassination Theater, a dramatic investigation of the JFK story now running in Chicago, find the Files story credible. Most JFK historians don’t. Corroborating evidence is scarce to say the least.

But Monica Jimenez’s story isn’t a JFK conspiracy story. Its a memoir of being born into the world of covert action and living to tell the tale.

Source: Costa Rica ‘spy kid’: Mom was sent to kill Castro; dad was president of Venezuela The Tico Times


  1. Charles says:

    If it is safe to infer that Oswald was impersonated at various times and places, perhaps the better question to ask is which “Oswald” did Marita Lorenz meet?

    • Oswald was impersonated by a member of Operation 40, which means that Marita was fooled by the guy in the Dallas Motel, who was called Ozzie. Lee was assigned to infiltrate in this anti-Castro squad by the FBI, and knew what was planned in Dallas.
      After getting out from the Book Depositary building, police officer Tippett tried to kill him, but because he failed, he was shot himself by Rosco White according to Sam Giancana in his testimony “Double Cross” to his family members. “It was the only mistake of the plotters.”

  2. Lance Payette says:

    Does anyone think the “Oswald” in the two photos with Frank Sturgis in the article looks like the LHO arrested on 11-22-63? Resembles, yes, but actually looks like the same individual?

  3. bogman says:

    A couple of years ago I saw a guy in an Italian restaurant who looked EXACTLY like LHO. Sitting across a couple of tables, it was hard not to stare. But he seemed like the most amiable guy doting on his three kids during dinner.

    I wasn’t sure if my JFK obsession played a part, but I can tell you we were just down the road from the former El Toro Marine Base where Oswald had been stationed way back when.

  4. Fearfaxer says:

    As I recall, Gaeton Fonzi spent some time tracking this story down, and ultimately felt it may have been it may have been something cooked up to get him to waste valuable time and resources investigating it.

  5. B Binnie says:

    It is very rare that anyone asks what was being sought by Mr Sturgis and his team in that Watergate Office. The upcoming election was a forgone conclusion so what could have been in that DNC safe that would have warranted this extraordinary expedition? And why would Cubans and people who history tells us were tied to 11.22.63 be the ones assigned? Always wondered why this line of conjecture never appeared in the media and was never spoken about by both political organizations after the fact- There had to be something very important in that safe, one can reasonably conclude-

    • ed connor says:

      I agree, B Binnie.
      I also wonder what was so important on the White House tapes that Nixon erased a 17 minute conversation with Haldeman just after the break in. He didn’t erase his calls to the FBI, instructing them to stand down on the investigation, which is what forced him to resign. Nixon knew who Sturgis, Hunt, et. al. were; he referred to the “Bay of Pigs thing” repeatedly on the tapes. Haldeman later wrote that the phrase “Bay of Pigs thing” was Nixon code for the assassination.
      And, looking at the photo of Sturgis with a young unidentified Texan, I don’t see any resemblance to LHO. The young man more closely resembles Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-TX). But, to be fair to Ted, he was only negative 7 years old in 1963.

    • leslie sharp says:

      B. Binnie, I too have speculated about what incriminating documents might have been held in the safe. One hypothesis revolved around the possibility that the Democrat office break-in served as a foil and that the real agenda was to remove documents from the walk-in vault of former OSS and official CIA historian Walter Pforzheimer who had the vault installed in his Watergate condo to house the collection. What skeletons might he have been custodian of? In the same time frame of Watergate, the Pforzheimer family sold their Guttenberg Bible to Texas University/the Harry Huntt Ransom library and presented it during a ceremony in honor of the Grolier Club whose membership included Walter and John Jay McCloy and other political and intelligence luminaries. I’m familiar with the ceremony because I was present as a tour guide for a Texas tour (that mirrored Kennedy’s 1963 trip) by the Groliers under employment of Stanley Marcus/Neiman Marcus Travel. Those familiar with Richard Bartholomew’s intriguing paper – “Byrds, Planes and an Automobile” will understand the significance of the Ransom library and how cloaked symbolism has been in play for decades.

      However, I think the more plausible hypothesis regarding the break-in is that the safe held incriminating documents related to the Hughes scandal, which connects to former Director of Central Intelligence Agency John Alexander McCone who sat on the board of ITT while Dita Beard was accused of making illegal contributions to the Nixon campaign. McCone was also on the board of TWA at the time whose financial interests were entwined with Hughes Tool Co. McCone’s involvement in covering up CIA sins (perhaps related to Walter Pforzheimer as historian) at the outset of the Warren Commission which included John Jay McCloy has resurfaced and should in my opinion have undergone far closer scrutiny on this site than it did. The discussion was sidetracked by obsession with Dulles and the Kennedys.

      Perhaps we can now return to McCone?

  6. Jeff says:

    Orlando Bosh is also identified by Marita Lorenz in this same group with Frank Sturgis (Fiorini)in meetings leading up to 11-22-63. Her testimony to the HSCA talked about her being at meetings that Sturgis and Oswald attended at the safe house of Bosch.

    I have attached a link to Orlando Bosch’s web site. One of the documents provided includes attacks planned on Cuba, which also shows the 1963 and 1964 connection with Bosch and Sturgis, via the CIA file documents included (below all the pictures within the web page).

    The activities of Orlando Bosch are relevant today due to the connection with with the 2016 presidential election. The tie-in is Jeb Bush’s relationship with him and work to “free” Orlando Bosch from custody in the late 1980s.

  7. Ramon F Herrera says:

    In Spanish, her proper (and legal) name is Mónica Mercedes Pérez Lorentz: One surname from the father, another from the mother, in that order.

    However, when somebody has a famous father, they try to use both from him.

    I have seen the opposite: a kid whose father was not well known but his maternal grandfather was some sort The Godfather (in fact, behind his back we called him “Don Corleone”), used his mom’s maiden name in his soccer shirt.

    In English, rules are more relaxed: A person from Latin America has a hard time figuring out the “Fitzgerald” middle name. They will ask: “What the heck is that name doing there? Is that a given name or a surname?”

    On a related note: You say either:

    – “Dávid Sánchez Morales” (paternal + maternal)


    – “David Sánchez”.

    It is never “David Morales” (unless he is an illegitimate child).

  8. Douglas Caddy says:

    From the Village Voice article of Nov. 21, 1977:

    “Late on Monday evening, Paul Meskill introduced Marita [Lorenz] to a couple of detectives from police intelligence, James Rothstein and Matthew Rosenthal. The four of them had some drinks at a bar on 43rd Street. Since May, Rothstein and Rosenthal had been assigned to the New York Senate Select Committee on Crime, which was conducting a massive investigation in to pornography. Marita was supposed to give the detectives information concerning child prostitution; she also told them that Frank Sturgis had threatened to kill her. They accompanied her back to 88th street and arrested Frank Sturgis when he turned up at her apartment around 11 o’clock.”,3812556&hl=en

  9. RonnieWayne says:

    Mr. Caddy. First I’d like to say not being a member there that I find your links and posts on the EDU Forum enlightening.
    From what I’ve read elsewhere, not extensive, I still find Marita Lorenz a bit of a conundrum. I just can’t fully wrap my head around her story of the trip to Dallas. It’s unquestionable she was involved with Sturgis/Fiorni and other very suspicious characters.
    Which, on the other hand makes me wonder if her detractors are not an organized group.
    BTW, did I read you received a recent appointment at the ACLU?
    I couldn’t find where I read it again or in a brief internet search. If so, congratulations.

  10. Fred Michel says:

    Looks more like BILLY LOVELADY to me!!!!!!!

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