Debunking the JFK conspiracy theory involving Rafael Cruz, father of Ted

The bogus question Did Rafael Cruz Kill JFK?  is being peddled by a self-described “conspiracy theorist” with no track record of credible reporting on the JFK story. It echoes on the Internet with Crooks & LIars expressing appropriate derision..

JFK Facts can set the record straight.

Oswald in New Orleans
Lee Oswald in New Orleans

Wayne Madsen says “the individual to Oswald’s left” in the photo above is Rafael Cruz, father of the 2016 presidential aspirant.

The attribution is slightly unclear because there are two men on Oswald’s left (one in a flannel shirt and one in a white shirt and tie) and another man on Oswald’s right (who appears to the left of Oswald in the photo).

All the evidence–and there’s a lot of it–indicates that none of these men is Rafael Cruz.

Madsen’s site states solemnly.

WMR has been informed by a source that the individual to Oswald’s left is none other than Rafael Cruz. The photograph at the trade mart was favorably compared to a 1954 photograph of Cruz attached to an official Cuban Ministry of Education document.

Here’s the 1954 photograph, screen-grabbed from Madsen’s site. Look at the two photos and re-read Madsen’s “scoop”: A source ….. Has been informed…. none other than….Favorably compared

Rafael Cruz in 1954
Rafael Cruz in 1954d

How about: the two men are both dark-haired males, possibly of Latino ancestry and Madsen doesn’t have a credible source willing to put his or her name on the record in defense of such careless speculation.

There  no reason to think Rafael Cruz is the man in the picture, much less that he had something to do with JFK’s assassination three months later.

No matter what your political opinion of Ted Cruz and his father, this is rubbish.

What are the facts?

Over the years, JFK researchers have tried to identify the man in the photo and met with some success. Unlike Madsen, we actually interviewed sources who put their name on the record. We studied the statements of the people who were there when Oswald was photographed in August 1963.

I will report my own personal findings shortly.

But first think JFK Facts readers can help set the record straight. Wayne Madsen, unfortunately, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

But we do.

Who is the man behind Oswald? It is not Rafael Cruz. It is….

Source: Rafael Cruz Killed JFK? – FITSNew

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