Who did Jackie Kennedy think killed her husband?

Jackie Kennedy’s private thoughts about Dallas

A few things are known for sure. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, 34 years old and dressed in a U.S.-made knock off of a pink Chanel suit, was looking at her husband’s face with concern from inches away when a bullet shattered his head.

After that horrible moment, Jackie had to pull herself together, give Jack the funeral he deserved. She assumed that her husband’s enemies had killed him. A week after the assassination, she and her brother-in-law Robert Kennedy confided in a friend, William Walton. They said they believed Dallas was the work of a high-level domestic plot, meaning JFK’s enemies on the political right.

But mostly Jackie didn’t want to think about who killed Jack. She was close to insane with grief, clutching to her brother-in-law who was devastated as well. She was often suicidal. And so Jackie fades from the crime story. The men who dominate the discussions of JFK conspiracy theories are often united in ignoring the views of the woman closest to the crime.

Jackie Kennedy recovered with the understanding that, if nothing else, she had to protect her children and give them some semblance of a normal home. She would say publicly that that accused assassin Lee Oswald was “a silly communist,” a curiously brittle judgment of the man who supposedly destroyed her husband and her life.

And then we learn this in the new Jackie Kennedy biography by Barbara Leaming (via Jacqueline Kennedy’s Struggle After J.F.K.’s Assassination | Vanity Fair):

“The next morning brought unsettling news. It was reported in the press, erroneously, as it would turn out, that the Warren Commission’s findings were expected to show that, contrary to much previous opinion, the first bullet had struck both the president and the governor and that the last of the three shots had gone wild. That certainly was not how Jackie remembered it.”

In other words, the Warren Commission adopted an account of the gunfire in the Dallas crime that contradicted Jackie’s recollection. The Warren Commission wanted her and the world to believe that her husband and Governor John Connally had been hit by the first shot fired at the presidential motorcade. That was what Commission attorney Arlen Specter concluded, the scenario came to be known as the Single Bullet Theory.

Jackie’s pink suit on November 22, 1963

Jackie didn’t believe it. Nellie and John Connally, also sitting in the limousine, never believed it. Until the end of their lives, the Connallys said without the slightest equivocation that the first shot hit the president in the back, the second shot hit Connally in the back, and a third shot from behind killed JFK.

The problem with the Warren Commission

The official version, written by Specter, a clever and ambitious lawyer, requires rejecting the testimony of the three people closest to the event itself: Jackie Kennedy, Nellie Connally and John Connally. Yes, let us agree that witnesses to close gunfire can be unreliable. But the Warren Commission report didn’t say that. The report made the issue seem beyond dispute which bullet hit whom. It wasn’t.

Jackie never had to say exactly what she recalled about the murder of her husband. When she came before the Commission to testify, Chief Justice Warren treated her as a friend, not a witness. She spoke for nine minutes and was excused. No one dared ask her the ghastly question, which direction did the fatal shot came from? Perhaps she didn’t know. She certainly didn’t want to know.

Dr. Robert McClelland, one of the senior doctors in Parkland Hospital, had a more objective view of the causes of Kennedy’s head wound. He was among the doctors who tried to resuscitate JFK within minutes of the shooting in Dealey Plaza. With Jackie standing outside, McCelland.was looking down at the wound in the president’s head. He saw a large blowout wound in the back of the head, created by a bullet coming from the front. (You can read Dr. McCelland’s account here.)

In her later years, Jackie didn’t concern herself with the tawdry story of Jack’s death. She knew who had killed her husband. His enemies.

After Bobby was killed in June 1968, she knew for sure. Jackie fled the United States, married her long-time friend Aristotle Onassis, Greek shipping magnate who had dated her sister. He was a billionaire, a self-made modern day pirate who commanded vast fleets of ships. He could surround her with a security force and she could lead the life of a cosmopolitan lady and mother safe from the brutality of America.

What did Jackie Kennedy think caused her husband’s death? In 140 characters or less.










  1. Neal Liosi says:

    Pertty good reading. Lots of dose n don’t.
    When Castro took over in 59 he imprisoned Sam Trafacanta
    Jack Ruby was sent to Cuba to get him released from prison.
    Not to hard to figure out who was in on the conspiracy. To kill JFK!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    Lee Harvey Oswald was a Pepsi he never killed Kennedy that is complete hogwash It was his own government to kill him I did not like President Kennedy
    that’s why they killed him for him and his ideas In my opinion if he was never killed The United States would be a hell of a lot better country than it is now

  3. Anthony Duffy says:

    Two things strike Me

    (i) where are the photos/records of the entry and exit wounds to Kennedy ( and indeed Connally) ? Surely both ballistics and medical personnel can tell direction of shot from these ?
    (ii) the FULL list of possible assassins are (?)
    * Communists ( Oswald) – Castro and/or Russia
    * The Mob
    * Political rivals eg Johnston etc

    Was Kennedy seen as “too left” , a Non WASP , or having reneged on pre – election pledges to powerful interests who had backed Him to President ? Was something “even bigger” about to break about Kennedy ie His many affairs or involvement in something murky ?
    What we can be sure of is that “The Establishment” does not see or feel any need to tell the ordinary folk the truth about anything. For Me I see Kennedy being hit by bullets from TWO distinctly different directions.Also was Oswald considered that good a marksman ? Why was He using an old outdated rifle. Why was He killed so soon afterwards.

  4. Ramon F Herrera says:

    The posting software here is broken again.

  5. Ramon F Herrera says:

    “When was the last suspicious death of a witness to the assassination or of someone who may have had information relevant to it?”


    Richard Case Nagell, Nov. 1st., 1995



  6. Mike Rush says:

    My question to Mr. Morley and the learned followers of this great site:

    When was the last suspicious death of a witness to the assassination or of someone who may have had information relevant to it? Who was the victim? Also has the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa in the mid-70’s ever been considered to be Dallas-related.

    Thank you, one and all.

    Mike Rush

  7. Ramon F Herrera says:

    Morley wrote: “Dr. Robert McClelland had a more objective view of the causes of Kennedy’s head wound. With Jackie standing outside, McClelland was looking down at the wound in the president’s head. He saw a large blowout wound in the back of the head, created by a bullet coming from the front.”


    “[Embalmer Tom Robinson] described a large, open head wound in the back of the President’s head, centrally located right between the ears, where the bone was gone, as well as some scalp. He related his opinion that this wound in the back of the President’s head was an entry wound occurring from a bullet fired from behind, based on conversations he heard in the morgue among the pathologists”


    We learn above that the pathologists were creating the lie among themselves from the very beginning. As we know, entry wounds have the same diameter as the bullet. Therefore, Oswald must have had a cannon with the caliber of a baseball. Not only that, but the bullet was extraordinary. It melted as soon as it touched cranial matter. Oh, and it sucked the target backwards…

    [Fast forward to minute 7:15″]

  8. kennedy63 says:

    You have to listen to this tape between LBJ and JEH. “If [John] Connelly had not been in his way, he (JFK) would have been hit three times.” Both LBJ and JEH knew Connelly was in front of JFK and that means they knew there was a shooter in the front of the limo (starting at 8:18 of tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZWERQevzms)

  9. Lacey says:

    Jackie knew about the assassination before hand. Take a look at all the pictures of Johnson’s swearing in, before and during. For all these years something about those pictures bothered me. I figured it out last month. No tears, no emotion. This woman who was SO in love and living a ‘dream’ has her husband shot 6 inches from her and she isn’t freaked out and crying? All she would have seen was an explosion when he was shot in the head. She moves so fast to get the crown of his head off the back of the car…who out there would have even thought to look back and get that or cared? I call bull. She had prior knowledge and they told her to grab it if it was within reach so that evidence wasnt out. During Johnson’s swearing in a few shots there are several smiles in the room including Jackie’s slight smile she always showed.

    • “I figured it out last month.”

      Did ya now Lacey? This is one of the most bizarre comments I have read on JFKfacts in the last couple of years that I have been here.

      Lacey is obviously unfamiliar with victims of psychological shock. Which include the distant stare in the look of the eyes that Jackie had. Shock can include hysterical giggling, and other seemingly “inappropriate” responses, such as a slight smile or a nod when someone addresses them.

      Perhaps Lacey should look up some of the issues people have that have suffered traumatic shock. The world wide web is a vast library of every sort of knowledge imaginable.

    • ed connor says:

      How did this moron get posted?
      Tom, I thought you were screening for nut jobs…

      • Brian Joseph says:

        I’m thinking that it may have been an attempt at humorously mocking what the commenter may perceive as ridiculous theories.

  10. Johnathan says:

    I think the mafia did it

  11. Colette NIEL says:

    They do not shot President anymore and make martyrs out of them:
    THEY RIDICULE THEM. Washington is full of their allies

  12. Colette NIEL says:

    We do not know for sure what was in her heart… She had to be very careful for her future and her children future… She knew who was behind the murder… Texas is pretty good with guns… that how they resolve they differences… Her son was murder also… prevention for the very rich/Wall Street. This is what control politics… Big Big money and keeping the secondary (less) riches happy…specially in DC… We are all duped form A to Z…
    The best thing is to mind our own business… and be quiet… and let them keep their big control… It is all behind the scene… We will never know the truth… perhaps later history… but not so sure. There is so much control and secrecy for the mighty MONEY… Our enemies know more than us. WE THE PEOPLE… we are expandable and easy to fool… for now… THE NEXT GENERATIONS WILL NOT TAKE IT!!!

  13. Joan Marshall says:

    From all evidence it was the CIA and the Mob that killed John F. Kennedy. In the know the low life LBJ who had an insane longing to be President for many years. LBJ would stop at nothing to gain his ambition. Lies,deceit, even murder for LBJ to achieve his ambition. I am in a state of horror that this happened in my life time.

  14. billv says:

    Who gained the most from JFK’s Death?
    Who had the power to coordinate and carry out such an act?
    Who had the power to then cover up such an act?
    In whose home state did the act occur?
    What act could be so heinous that those who suspected looked the other way?

    Lyndon Johnson knew this.

  15. Christian Faust says:

    As an experienced investigator and criminologist I can say I do not believe in coincidences if the public think that JFK and His brother Robert were killed without any connection then you need to think twice. Both men had extremely similar head wounds … And yes there were 3 shots not 2 that is clear as day. The question is what linked the two brothers that would want one mastermind to take out two brothers bother in extrem power although 5 years apart the answer is simple and Javk Ruby is the clue. The mob had extrem reason to get Kennedy out of the presidents office and his brother out of the AG office

    But then the is the LBJ the theory and nit to forget an up and coming star good old Richard Nixon which is a theory I kind of support as it fits in very early with the mob connection

  16. Patrick says:

    I recently learned the theory of SS agent Hickey accidentally taking the fatal shot. From that point of view EVERYTHING fits into place. The AR-15 at the time a new state of the art weapon, was retried from use. Also, settle differences in hickey’s story versus other agents. Also why was hickey silent all these years, never wrote a tell all book… lots of other’s. I urge everyone to take a look at the killing from this perspective. It makes since and everything fits nicely in place.

  17. Steven says:

    JFK was killed by the Federal Reserve because of his executive order which, he was changing the money to American currency and getting rid of the Federal Reserve, which is a private company

  18. Michael Tyrrell says:

    I think Jackie thought along the same lines as Evelyn Lincoln, President Kennedy’s Personal Secretary. Perhaps even more than the First Lady, Ms. Lincoln witnessed the dissonant nature of JFK’s (and RFK’s) relationship to Lyndon Johnson, his Texas posse and their links to Big Oil, anti-communists, and the M.I.Complex (All of who were in bed with the mob and the CIA). On that note, what more can JFKFacts find on Evelyn Lincoln’s view? There is the interview on Youtube, but I wonder if there are more quotes or passages that should garner our attention?…

  19. Eric V Gonnason says:

    Jackie knew exactly who had killed her husband, but never spoke out because of the obvious threat to herself and children. And when John Jr. grew up and began to show an interest in politics?

  20. Kennedy63 says:

    Treason is a cause best served by violence and agitation. The “who” and “why” of the assassination remains, although the main players have long ceased. Look at JFK’s assassination as an independent action by a group of conspirators with intimately privileged knowledge of multiple systems operations (CIA, Military FBI, DPD, political personnel, and Secret Service (possibly more). The shadowy and treasonous group had to include individuals from these various branches of government, and associated people in business of considerable wealth, capable of discrete communication and graft (oil people), who were associated with the establishment and organized crime. We absolutely and factually know this type nexus existed, that many corrupt politician/public servants were tied into it, and that they operated in an informal and conspiratorial manner. Hoover was as corrupt a public servant as they come – totally controlled by the mobsters who extended him “gifts.” Hoover is a sterling example of how the JFK assassination/cover-up could be facilitated.

  21. Shirley Williamson says:

    I was a junior in high school when the assassination happened.
    I have ALWAYS believed that since JFK was pushing civil rights for blacks and RFK was after the mofia, that
    JFK was killed by powerful MEN within our country. Since it happened in Dallas, I have ALWAYS believed LBJ
    was behind the CONSPIRACY. My view of America and my innocence were destroyed that day.
    I also believe the same conspirators killed RFK. That had to be why Jackie took her then children to Greece.
    I know that the truth has TRIED to be brought to public view and people have had
    “Accidental” deaths because of their efforts. I also believe JFK Jr’s death was “arranged”!
    Even though, I would love for the TRUTH to be made public, I do not want Caroline and her family to meet
    With the same kinds of deaths. I am old now. I doubt that I will ever “see” the truth revealed!!
    What Americans have allowed to happen for all these years is

  22. Bill says:

    Again. I think it ought to be mentioned that it really serves no factual purpose to mention what Jackie Kennedy thought about any of this. She was not even looking at JFK (save for the last shot). As for the Governor and his wife, Nellie, to be honest about it, they have no idea of which shot hit JFK. How could they?? For the first two shots (at least) the Governor and his wife we looking forward and, as such, could have no clue as to what shot 1st or 2nd, could have missed or hit JFK. On this issue…since there were bits of bullet fragments all over the car…it’s quite possible that the Governor’s wrist injury could have been part of a fragmenting bullet as equally as being part of an intact bullet.

  23. David Regan says:

    JFK Assassination: Jacqueline Kennedy, RFK Did Not Believe Only One Person Assassinated President John F. Kennedy http://www.ibtimes.com/jfk-assassination-jacqueline-kennedy-rfk-did-not-believe-only-one-person-assassinated-president-john#.VIsSg69O7Uw.twitter

  24. Dick Mullaney says:

    First post. Does anyone ever discuss Jackie’s movements in the limo, after the fatal shot, to retrieve her husband’s gray matter from the BACK/Trunk of the limo? Isn’t the fact that the gray matter was on the trunk indicative of a shot from the front?

    • David Regan says:

      I would agree, Dick. That coupled with a ‘Harper fragment’ of skull found the following day on the infield grass of Dealey Plaza. Three Dallas pathologists agreed it was occipital bone.

      • Dick Mullaney says:

        Thanks David. Just surprised that this aspect, ie Jackie getting the gray matter from the BACK of the car, doesn’t get more play.

        • Diane says:

          Regarding the one bullet theory the Warren Commission comes up with. I viewing over and over the film when JFK was holding his throat, due to the bullet hitting him from behind and existing out his throat and alleging per the Warren Commission it hit Connally in the back? Watching this film it shows Connally turned to the right looking back at JFK holding his throat, then the next incident shows JFK being hit in the head and Connally quickly leans down in the seat. Now if the bullet that hit JFK and existed his throat and allegedly hit Connally in the back how could that have happened if he was turned around looking back at JFK? Also per investigation they indicated the bullet that hit JFK in the back and existed his throat was a different type of bullet then the one that hit his head and exploded. So who shot the gun with the fatal bullet?

          • Bill says:

            JOE FINGER. Just go to youtube and type in the man whoshot jfk and the interview will pop up in results

        • Paul Turner says:

          It really should.

    • Jean Davison says:

      No, gray matter on the trunk isn’t indicative of a shot from the front since the gore went in all directions. Conspiracy sources typically talk about Jackie on the trunk and Office Hargis behind the limo but fail to mention the debris that went forward onto the Connallys and Secret Service men in the front seat. The Harper fragment was found well in front of the limo, according to a map marked by Harper:


      The Harper fragment was parietal, not occipital bone, according to the HSCA:


      The JFK “literature” is chockfull of similar distortions of the record.

      • David Regan says:

        Wow Jean, you must think so little of the medical teams in Dallas who were supposedly all mistaken on what they saw that day. It’s interesting you point out the HSCA when fitting while completely discounting their ultimate finding of a conspiracy.

  25. “In her later years, Jackie didn’t concern herself with the tawdry story of Jack’s death. She knew who had killed her husband. His enemies.” And there was no bigger enemy of the Kennedys than Lyndon Johnson who RFK was working full bore to utterly destroy in the fall of 1963. I am sure both Jackie and RFK deeply suspected LBJ in the JFK assassination. After all, Evelyn Lincoln, as inner circle JFK as you can get for 12 years had a #1 suspect of Lyndon Johnson which she literally wrote a list on the flight back from Dallas.

    Jackie Kennedy in her oral history: “Bobby told me this later, and I know Jack said it to me sometimes. He said, ‘Oh, God, can you imagine what would happen to the country if Lyndon was president?'” … “He didn’t like the idea that Lyndon would go on and be president because he was worried for the country. Bobby told me that he’d had some discussions with him. I forget exactly how they were planning or who they had in mind. It wasn’t Bobby, but somebody. Do something to name someone else in ’68”

  26. Ramon F Herrera says:

    From JFKfacts:

    Robert Morrow
    April 29, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    “Most JFK researchers do not know about this Jackie quote or even the existence of this book.

    “One of JFK, Jr.’s best friends at the Phillips Academy was Meg Azzoni. In spring, 1977, she and John went to visit Jackie while Caroline was still at Harvard. Meg says: “Jackie told John and I at the ‘break-the-fast’ breakfast, ‘I did not like or trust Lyndon Johnson.’ No one said another word the whole meal in memorial contemplative silence.”

    (Meg Azzoni, “John F. Kennedy, Jr. to Meg Azzoni 11 Letters: Memories of Kennedys & Reflections on His Quest, p. 52)



    After reading the post above by Mr. Morrow, I couldn’t help but remember a recorded conversation in which LBJ was clearly coming on to the recently widowed Jacqueline. It is doubtful that he would have used the same words and tone, had Lady Byrd been in the room. But most shocking is that she actually responded, the conversation was flirtatious.

  27. Bart Kamp says:

    The most powerfull guy shot and killed in broad daylight in front of many witnesses
    Power structure changes immediately which affects who? RFK and JK!
    you don’t even have to speculate any further, just some common sense…….

  28. Gerald Campeau says:

    Proton,Jacqueline Kennedy last official duty befor leaving the Whitehouse was to host a lunch for J. Robert Oppenheimer Mrs. Kennedy had INNATE KNOWLEDGE that same forces that removed Oppie from his roll at AEC removed her husband. There is a ton of circumstantial and coincidental evidence to back this up but i don’t have will or communacation skills to present it here.

  29. Larry Schnapf says:

    for a rare moment, I agree with Photon as to his second point with some refinement. Any real investigation would have exposed the Castro assassination attempts and the sordid dealings with the mob, and would derail any political future for RFK. Jackie was concerned about her kids and took the hint.

  30. Samuel Rinn says:

    JFK reportedly told Jackie that they were heading into “nut country” after reading the Dallas newspapers in Fort Worth the day of his ambush & death. It’s safe to assume Jackie thought the ‘nuts’ had killed her husband or the Kremlin. JFK had warned of the dangers & uncertainty of life with the existence of the Soviet communist threat at his Fort Worth breakfast. Jackie sat at the table & heard what her husband said.

    • Jonathan says:

      JFK had many more enemies than the rightwing nuts in Texas. It’s easy today to believe all his enemies have been identified. And to believe one or more of his enemies had him killed. Much easier than to believe Oswald killed him with two lucky shots from a decrepit, rusted, barely operational crappy rifle.

      Precisely because JFK had so many visible enemies it was easy for some outlier to pull off the assassination unscathed. That’s my view.

  31. Jonathan says:

    Jackie like Bobby had no clue who killed JFK. I agree with Photon’s reason #2 as to why neither Jackie nor Bobby wanted a real investigation. That’s part of the elegance of the plot: Jackie and Bobby were snookered because they were loath to let all the JFK private dirt come to light.

    Jackie perceived correctly the danger to her children. The order of Jackie’s and John, Jr.’s deaths is significant, I believe. If John, Jr. had died first, in a suspicious plane crash, Jackie would have had a strong reason to talk publicly about Kennedy deaths.

  32. Photon says:

    How do you know what she thought? She expressed regret after learning that it was a ” little Communist, but there is no real objective evidence that she didn’t think Oswald did it. Even if secretly she didn’t believe the Warren Report, it certainly did not harm the “Camelot” myth she created for Teddy White’s magazine article.
    Even White saw through the myth, but out of sympathy for a young widow he decided to put it out as she told it.
    I do not believe that she ( or RFK for that matter) ever wanted any further investigation of the matter, for two reasons:#1. They sincerely believed that the conclusions of the Warren Report were accurate ( impossible to disprove based on the statements they made and the negative attitudes toward conspiracy theorists that they publically exhibited). #2. Any significant investigation that looked for conspiracies and for possible Mob or Cuba connections would inevitably uncover sordid details about JFK’s private life and how it affected what he did as President. His reputation would have greatly suffered within a few years of being buried. So even if they had undocumented and unconfirmed private doubts, in essence they didn’t want to know-and didn’t want anybody else to look. All they had left of JFK was his reputation-which by 1965 approached sainthood. Despite having only a 3 year Presidency conspicuously devoid of major policy achievements he was hailed as one of our greatest Presidents. That reputation has continued to a large extent even up to today, although more realistic appraisals have become more common

    • Paul Turner says:

      I doubt Jackie and RFK’s beliefs that the Warren Commission’s report were accurate were sincere beliefs. And his Presidency wasn’t devoid of major policy achievements. Were it not for his role in the Cuban Missle Crisis, you might not be alive to have written your post, and I might not have, to read it.

      • Bill Clarke says:

        Paul Turner November 20, 2014 at 5:20 pm

        If it wasn’t for the Kennedy boys role in post-Bay of Pigs Cuba we might not have had the Cuban Missile Crisis. You ever wonder about that?

        Now I don’t believe we had plans to invade Cuba after the BOP but we certainly gave Castro and Khrushchev reasons to think we were.

        • Paul Turner says:

          The CIA had a role in the BOP too…and JFK was kept in the dark about it. I’m not sure the “Kennedy boys” were fully at fault.

        • Bob says:

          If it wasn’t for President Eisenhower and his CIA, the Bay of Pigs event would never have gotten hatched. If it wasn’t for the rabid fear of Communism in the American press….etc. etc. etc.

          • Diane says:

            If it wasn’t for President Eisenhower and Kennedys Administration role in the CIA ASSASSINATION PLOTS targeting several foreign leaders including Castro, President Kennedy might not have been assassinated. It appears Castro found out about the plot and assassinated Kennedy per the book, A Cruel and Shocking Act by Philip Shenon. And it appears Robert Kennedy was a where of this plot unfortunately it came back to kill him as well? 🙁

        • Jordan says:

          BoP was Nixon’s baby…Truthnami….

        • Clark Samson says:

          So Lets look at the CIA’s BoP plan , 1100 Cuban exiles , trained by the CIA were going to successfully invade Cuba and depose Castro? That plan had a snowball’s chance in hell , the US military knew that but gambled that once the exiles were on the beach and engauged with the cuban army , fighting heroicly for Cuba’s freedom , the new President would have to order in the Marines , Navy and Airforce to save the day. That was their plan . Kennedy did not go for it . The freedom fighters were the CIA’s pawns and patsies . Kennedy became a peacenik after the Cuban Missile Crisis and used back channels to communicate and persue detente with Krushev and Castro also he was going to pull all US forces out of Viet Nam . this change of heart is what got him killed . The guilty parties include the Bush crime family , Mobsters who worked for the CIA , warhawks in the Pentagon , Cia Black ops folks , Big Oil , International bankers who run the Fed , LBJ , Connelly and that is just the short list of JFK’s enemies . If JFK had invaded and freed Cuba were the Russians just going to let that happen ? Here are some of the things that might have gone on , Allies militarally driven out of Berlin and perhaps a general war in Europe, a renewed invasion of South Korea , nuclear war with the west . Did you ever think of that ?

      • Ppie says:

        If it weren’t for JFKs being feckless in the Bay of Pigs after which kruschev perspectived kennedy as weak and inexperienced which caused the Cuban missile crissis. Kruschev wanted to challenge kennedy because he thought he was indecisive and wanted him tob look bad by doing nothing.

    • GM says:


      RFK and Jackie Kennedy sent William Walton to the Soviet Union not long after the assassination. They gave him a message to give to Khrushchev, which was that JFK was assassinated due to a massive domestic conspiracy. Now you can argue that they got this wrong, but Jackie Kennedy and Robert Kennedy clearly thought that it was a conspiracy. The evidence is Walton’s trip to Moscow, and the message he gave to the Russians about the assassination.

    • Greg says:

      Keep your dream going! Funny how you respond with the same rhetoric each time.

    • Paulf says:

      Photon: tell us, how do you know the sincerely held beliefs of the Kennedy family? Do you know them personally?

      It is amusing how your ideas on this so perfectly display the politics behind the lone gunman crowd. You say Jackie sincerely didn’t want to expose how fraudulent and incompetent her husband was, so she believed the Warren Commission. You manage to espouse a view that makes absolutely no sense, one that has not a shred of actual evidence behind it, all while perpetuating a political smear. Well played.

      To be fair, your second point is logical, if speculative. I think Jackie and RFK were likely afraid to push too hard for a real investigation until the time was right, knowing how dangerous the perpetrators were. After all, they had killed the most powerful man in the world.

    • BrotherBruce says:

      Jackie’s feelings regarding “who killed her husband” are crystal clear. Shortly after the assassination, Mrs. Kennedy and the Attorney General had family friend William Walton take a letter with him on his trip to the Soviet Union. The letter was composed by Jackie and Bobby and delivered to Georgi Bolshakov, a Soviet journalist who’d served as a back channel between the Kennedy administration and the Soviet government. The letter stated that they knew President Kennedy had been killed by his enemies within the US Government as part of a domestic conspiracy. Walton conveyed the Kennedy family’s belief that John F. Kennedy had not been the victim of a Soviet or Cuban plot as LBJ had been intimating to certain reporters and to people like Earl Warren as his way of convincing Warren and others that their participation in the “cover up” was “a matter of National Security”. To further emphasize Jackie’s feelings on the matter, several witnesses heard Jackie tell her mother, upon arriving home from Dallas; “Mommy, Jack was President when we went to Dallas, he was warned not to go, now we’re back and that Texan is President”. Have no doubt – Jackie clearly understood and said many times that “Jack had been killed by his enemies”

    • Put it to rest. No matter how you slice it, Lee Harvey Oswald said he was “a patsy” at his arrest to the media. There were sinister plots taking place on that day in Dallas. I believe Jackie Kennedy made it plain that JFK had too many enemies including other mob cronies to Jimmy Hoffa; the coup that tore into Cuba and gave rise to the communism paranoia (and Fidel Castro), pushed the mob out of Cuba and alienated a lot of mob bosses because there was a lot of revenue potential that was lost (check out Godfather 2 movie as Michael Corleone leaves Cuba after revolution).
      There had to be a contract to kill JFK. Oswald was it. Then to shut him up, the mob must’ve asked Jack Ruby to put the hit on Oswald before he could talk and implicate the mob.
      It was the crime of the century…but it was also the “Perfect Crime of the Century…” Duh…

    • Yup says:

      You are just another apologist. She never believed the Warren Commission and that’s well known. Your logic is too narrow to be at all credible and in fact, uses falsehoods as premises!! You haven’t examined the evidence but just defending the government position.

    • David Howell says:

      There is NO doubt that Mrs. Kennedy was Exactly correct in that “It was Jacks’ enemies killed him” Now ask yourself Who were his enemy’s? LBJ. & The CIA. They were Jon F Kennedy’s Most capable enemies. Jackie knew it and Bobby knew it; Even the warren commission knew it but they were afraid of a Full Civil War if they said it. I have No doubts that RFK. would have shown us all the proof if He would have lived another 40 years.

  33. Gerald Campeau says:

    Oh, my God, they have shot my husband.” And “I love you, Jack,

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