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If you want full JFK disclosure in 2017, join CAPA

“CAPA seeks release of the remaining JFK records with a minimum of redactions, which can obscure vital information,” —CAPA Chairman Cyril H. Wecht, M.D.

An open letter from Bill Kelly, veteran JFK researcher and activist.

“Dear Friends and Associates

As a researcher and/or student of the JFK assassination, you may be aware that The JFK Act of 1992 requires the release of all government records on the assassination of President Kennedy by October 2017. The president of the United States at that time will be responsible for its enforcement.

Our recently formed nonprofit organization, Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA), will continue the fight we started decades ago to get the law passed and ensure this Act is enforced as well as undertake similar national initiatives on other political assassinations to see the truth is revealed and justice prevails. To do this we need your help and support.

CAPA plans to pursue the release of the remaining JFK records, file Freedom of Information Act requests for more records, take legal actions to enforce the law and undertake public education efforts to see that the forces that orchestrated such assassinations will no longer be able to influence government policies. These initiatives require funding to be effective.

Please help by joining us and providing whatever financial support you can afford, volunteering your time as part of a CAPA Committee, contacting your congressional representatives, and spreading the word on social media about CAPA, our mission, programs and legal initiatives. Time is running out to do something about these horrific crimes and cover-ups.

There is power in numbers so join this worthy endeavor to bring truth and justice to those who have been killed for their beliefs. Thank you.

Citizens Against Political Assassinations

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  1. Thank you Ronnie and Jeff,
    I want to point out that we have been meeting via conference calls for over a year now and it really is a group volunteer effort that will not duplicate the fine work of the AARC, COPA, Hidden History Center, Mary Ferrell, JFK Lancer or JFKFacts but compliment and support them as well as try to complete our goals and difficult mission. We do not have an office or administrative expenses so we can dedicate our time, money and resources to the tasks ahead. I am editing a newsletter, we are making a presentation at the Left Forum at John Jay College in NYC May 20-21 co-sponsoring a one day symposium on acoustic forensics in major crimes at the Wecht Institute in Pittsburgh in September and our legal team will be putting on a series of Mock trials at major law schools that will refine the evidence so it can be presented at a Texas Court of Inquiry that could legally exonerate the accused assassin and resulting repercussions could shake things up considerably.

    By supporting us you become a part of this great historic adventure.

    Bill Kelly

  2. Gentlemen, and Ladies if any are present, with my limited knowledge of the Assassination I commend your effort.
    If Jeff supports it through his posting about it on his site as well as Mr. Simpich and Kelly I have to respect that.
    I’m broke after paying the IRS but I donated the minimum $50 to join.
    I urge others to do so.
    I live in a somewhat remote extremely conservative area and am not sure what I can do but I’ll try. I can make it to Fort Worth or Dealy Plaza on occasion if I can assist.

  3. Lawrence P. Schnapf

    The CAPA legal initiative will focus on the evidence used to build the criminal case against oswald. we will examine the forensic evidence in light of what has been learned from the Innocence Project and the 2009 NAS report. this evidence was never subject to any scrutiny but simply accepted by the WC and HSCA. we will not be engaging is speculations on motives.the sole question is if there is admissible evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that oswald was the shooter. we think not and will look forward to test our theory in judicial settings hosted by a number of prominent law schools against peosecution teams selected by the law schools.

  4. A few admittedly subjective observations have always made me question Oswald’s guilt:

    o Oswald’s voice quivers noticeably with emotion and fear when he’s asked by newsmen if he killed the president during the infamous midnight press conference, especially when he says reporters had already asked him this down the “ha–ll”. Maybe a small thing, but at that moment he seems more like a kid in over his head than a cold-blooded assassin.

    o Oswald understood Cold War geopolitics pretty well, especially with his life choices and first-hand knowledge of the Soviets. He has to know that his background as both a defector and Castro supporter, as well as his alleged antics in the Russian and Cuban embassies in MC, might cause nuclear war if he shoots the president. The one consistently good thing people had to say about him is that he loved his kids. Why would he put them in that kind of dangerous world?

    o No one ever heard Oswald say an angry word about the president, and in fact said he admired him. There was never any diary with rants against the president or his policies.

    o A political creature, Oswald knew there would be little change in the US policy towards Cuba with a change in presidents, and even said this to DPD in custody.

    o Finally, if he did it for ever-lasting glory of some kind he sure didn’t act like it with his constant denials and outrage at the accusations.

    Just some food for thought.

    1. A lot better than copped liver Bogman. But still indigestible to those who think of Oswald a lone nut. The points you make indicate he had no reason to shoot JFK. So from that other point of view did he do it because he was ordered, or, “programed”?
      Nahh, he was just a Communist Lone Nut, kept to himself, brooded a lot, yelled at his wife, couldn’t hit General Walker from what 30-40 yards away?

      1. I’ll give you one more, Ronnie.

        Oswald also would’ve had to know that killing the president would possibly lead to an invasion of his ‘beloved’ Cuba.

        1. I would add two other reasons that make me question his guilt. Oswald seems to have forgotten his revolver on the way to work, or hadn’t anticipated that he might need it. (An unusual oversight for someone planning to kill a head of state.) So, too, his plan to escape by municipal bus was unusually optimistic and in need of work.

  5. Lawrence P. Schnapf

    I am co-chair of the CAPA legal committee along with Bill Simpich. One of our initiatives we will be holding a series of mock trials at a number of leading law schools across the country and eventually file a petition for a court of inquiry in Texas to expunge Oswald’s arrest. These efforts will require engaging forensic experts to testify (the lawyers will be working pro bono). We appreciate any support you can provide.

    BTW- Prior mock trials conducted by the ABA (1992) and Texas bar association (2013) resulted in hung juries and a 1967 Yale Law School mock trial resulted in acquittal. The lone outlier was the 1986 TV trial where Gerry Spence was clearly not adequately prepared….

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