‘Lee Harvey Oswald Was a Friend of Mine’

From the album entitle titled Tragic Songs from the Grassy Knoll: John F. Kennedy 50th Anniversary Collection, Homer Henderson sings the original version of his plaintive ode to the accused assassin. (H/T to Ronnie)

Myself,  I’m partial to the more rollicking version by the the Asylum Street Spankers,

On this album, dominated by country and bluegrass artists, I like the two tunes called “The Death of President Kennedy,” the first by the Gospel Band and the second by Ralph Ryan.

“The stuff is so poignant and full of feeling,” says  Miriam Linna, a rock drummer who put the compilation together. “It’s not fabricated emotionally, and we thought it was beautiful.”

What’s your favorite tune?

8 thoughts on “‘Lee Harvey Oswald Was a Friend of Mine’”

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  2. “They say he shot the President, I don’t think he did”~Song

    I don’t think Oswald shot the President either.

    However I’m not much into to country music.

  3. Thanks for the bump Jeff. I hadn’t watched this in a couple of years.
    Remember they paved over the x’s in the street for the 50th. Restricted access requiring tickets using your drivers license number or SSN to get them to the somber ceremony. Literally covered up the grassy knoll. No Robert Groden that day.
    You should re-post the link to your speech that night, it was a good one.
    Remember posting this link that night?


  4. When I first came across this my first thought was how tasteless, an album of JFK Assassination songs. The only reference I remember hearing was the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil in song. As I listened to it I had to laugh. It’s not a funny subject but the levity is humorous on such a heavily debated one.
    The A.S.S. do have a better, longer, more informative version of the song.
    Wish they would show the fiddle player.

  5. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    witnesses. They are so open minded they need to be kept Frequently Indoors. Funny whom they end up trusting?

  6. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    Waves of Grain by Austin’s TimBuc3.

    It will take a grand slam to beat that song, but I will try to stay open minded, though hopefully not as open as the Tippit.

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