In latest JFK files,  Angleton and stuff that makes you go ‘huh?’ 

Glenn Garvin of the Miami Herald cuts to the chase in the JFK  files feeding frenzy:

What was apparent from early efforts to excavate the documents was the government’s standards on classification range from ephemeral to nuts.


As Garvin’s reporting shows, James Angleton is at the heart of the JFK assassination story.

Source: In latest JFK files, some tantalizing nuggets — and stuff that makes you go ‘huh?’ | Miami Herald


3 thoughts on “In latest JFK files,  Angleton and stuff that makes you go ‘huh?’ ”

  1. As many of us suspected from the beginning, the agencies responsible for these documents, particularly the CIA and the FBI have no intention of ever revealing the full truth, as they know it, to the public, not now, not ever. Almost every file and document, are cryptically and confusingly written to intentionally obfuscate any authentic revelation that might lead down the dark path to any real explanation of what happened before, during and after 11/22/63. Disinformation at a level that even a skilled researcher or investigator would never be able to wade through and make sense of is their expertise. It’s been almost 55 years and they’re still playing the same game. Yes, we’ve learned an enormous amount that was unavailable to the public decades ago, but the whole story will never be known and is unknowable as long as those responsible and their successors refuse to comply with the law, the American people and history. I’ve been a serious student of this crime since I was a junior in high school (I’m now 68) and I’m now convinced that, although we may firmly “believe” in a massive plot that killed JFK, we will never “know” it. This is the deepest, darkest secret in America’s history and it cannot be revealed—-ever.

  2. Interesting that the Miami Herald article attached to this post features NYT reporter Peter Baker, who repeats the old LN line that LHO was a misguided commie and Jack Ruby was a patriotic night club owner.
    Also interesting is that this past weekend the NYT published an Op-Ed by Michael Hayden, former CIA Director, who laments the “loss of intelligence” under President Trump. Hayden criticizes the “post-facts” ethos at the CIA, but neither he, nor the 550 NYT commenters brings up the agency’s determination to obscure 55 year old files on a murdered president.
    Hayden laments the Trump regency, but advises the agency to persevere
    until a brighter day. By God, they will persevere, won’t they?

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