If we can do it for Argentina, why not for JFK?

I can announce that the U.S. Government will declassify even more documents from that period including, for the first time, military and intelligence records, because I believe we have a responsibility to confront the past with honesty and transparency.”

So said President Obama last March. Today, the White House announced the U.S. government will release five hundred more US government documents from 14 U.S. agencies related to the American support for Argentina’s bloody military dictatorship between 1975 and 1984.

Let’s do the same for JFK. Two dozen JFK authors and investigators have asked Obama to endorse the same principle when it comes to the U.S. government documents–which including military and intelligence records–related to the assassination of President Kennedy.

Almost 3,600 JFK files are still-held secret and may be withheld indefinitely by President-elect Trump.

These files will likely shed light on CIA assassination operations and CIA operatives who knew about accused assassin Lee Oswald before JFK was killed, and may tell us much more.




3 thoughts on “If we can do it for Argentina, why not for JFK?”

  1. The real scoop on Argentina began in 1944, and includes how OSS helped Nazis escape to South America. Looking at the picture from 1975 through 1984 is a limited hang-out of epic proportions…..

  2. I am all for released files, but absolutely skeptical that anything will emerge that would tie any intelligence service to the murder. Of at least the same level of interest would be the papers of the various persons involved. Years back, read a Dulles bio in which was noted a letter from Mary Bancroft to Big Al suggesting conspiracy. (No detail; her politics would suggest probable Communist origin.)

    Low and behold, “several” letters from Box 40 of the Mary Bancroft collection are withheld until 2037. Original WC final release was 2039.


    Oh, the blurb appearing to the left of this for your CIA AND JFK, references “machinations leading up to November 22, 1962.” Is this a typo, a hack, or a Deep event unknown to me?

  3. The subject of Nazis fleeing to Argentina bears close study. Former CBS correspondent Paul Manning writes that he consulted Allen Dulles as he prepared his book “Martin Bormann- Nazi in Exile”, and Dulles told him he was on the right track. According to Evan Thomas, Frank Wisner became focused on Martin Bormann in the months before Wisner’s death. Wisner seemed to believe he and his OSS/CIA colleagues had missed some ‘big ones’ as Nazi leaders escaped the collapsing Third Reich.

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