RFK’s fateful day in Los Angeles and the distrust of the liberals | TheHill

One surprised reporter asked some why they switched allegiance from Kennedy to Wallace; their responses were hauntingly similar to what we have heard from Donald Trump supporters in the past year: “He has guts. … He says what he means. … He is strongly critical of the political establishment.”

Of course, the fundamental difference between the two candidates was that Wallace exploited his political independence for racist purpose, while RFK used his maverick candidacy to advocate progressive positions. One was shot and killed; the other was shot, survived but paralyzed.

Source: Robert Kennedy’s fateful day in Los Angeles and the distrust of the liberals | TheHill

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  1. Jeff says:

    See p. 2 of the link …. I guess it’s really no surprise that the CIA had Operation ARTICHOKE. …. So, a key question … Is CIA’s program discussed in the article potentially the one that is described by Dr.Brown in his RFK assassination report?


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