‘Props to the editors and management of Newsweek’

Reader Russ on my Newsweek piece (written with Rex Bradford) about President Trump and the trove of JFK records to be released in October.

“Amazingly detailed yet crystal clear summary of the JFK case’s major talking points. the authors point out specific places where potentially vital new information may be gleaned from the documents to be released in October. Props to the editors and management of Newsweek for hiring Morley and Bradford to provide this often uncomfortable insight to its readers across the country and around the world!”

Newsweek on JFK records,

1 thought on “‘Props to the editors and management of Newsweek’”

  1. Michael Tyrrell

    Yes, the Newsweek piece was excellent…. it really cut to the chase on the key topics. Many of my friends are skeptical on whether to read up on the case, but the item convinces them to take a second, or third look.

    Nice work.


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