Coming Soon: A Big MLK/JFK Development

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King

Check in with me here next Monday, January 21, Martin Luther King Day. I’m proud to be joining with lots of other people in the unveiling a major petition effort signed by more than 50 prominent American citizens. The joint statement is aimed at moving Congress to investigate deeply troubling, long-buried chapters in American history. After reading the statement, you’ll be able to join this important campaign by adding your name to the petition.


  1. I believe… I’m 37… I’m teaching my 3 kids and I believe in change and justice for these people…honestly Malcolm X needs to be included too

  2. Justin Kaczoroski says:

    I prefer the old saying, “You won’t know if you don’t try” and think a petition is worthy of a chance. Especially when you consider the population of the baby-boom generation is getting less & less each year; This might as well be the last best chance we have.

  3. Brian Lynch says:

    Good luck getting Congress to show any integrity or backbone. The Power Elite will quash this quickly.

  4. Brian Lynch says:

    Do you REALLY hope to get somewhere with this?

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