Martin Luther King

A Joint Statement on the Kennedy, King and Malcolm X Assassinations and Ongoing Cover-ups

This letter was released in conjunction with the celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, January 21, 2019. It was signed by 50 people, including members of the Kennedy and King families as well as doctors, lawyers, activists, and scholars across the political spectrum (names attached.

  1. As the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979, President John F. Kennedy was probably killed as the result of a conspiracy.
  1. In the four decades since this Congressional finding, a massive amount of evidence compiled by journalists, historians and independent researchers confirms this conclusion. This growing body of evidence strongly indicates that the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy was organized at high levels of the U.S. power structure, and was implemented by top elements of the U.S. national security apparatus using, among others, figures in the criminal underworld to help carry out the crime and cover-up.
  2. This stunning conclusion was also reached by the president’s own brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, who himself was assassinated in 1968 while running for president — after telling close aides that he intended to reopen the investigation into his brother’s murder if he won the election.
  3. President Kennedy’s administration was badly fractured over his efforts to end the Cold War, including his back-channel peace feelers to the Soviet Union and Cuba and his plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Vietnam after the 1964 presidential election.
  4. President Kennedy has long been portrayed as a Cold War hawk, but this grossly inaccurate view has been strongly challenged over the years by revisionist historians and researchers, who have demonstrated that Kennedy was frequently at odds with his own generals and espionage officials. This revisionist interpretation of the Kennedy presidency is now widely embraced, even by mainstream Kennedy biographers.
  5. The official investigation into the JFK assassination immediately fell under the control of U.S. security agencies, ensuring a cover-up. The Warren Commission was dominated by former CIA director Allen Dulles and other officials with strong ties to the CIA and FBI.
  6. The corporate media, with its own myriad connections to the national security establishment, aided the cover-up with its rush to embrace the Warren Report and to scorn any journalists or researchers who raised questions about the official story.
  7. Despite the massive cover-up of the JFK assassination, polls have consistently shown that a majority of the American people believes Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy — leading to the deep erosion of confidence in the U.S. government and media.
  8. The CIA continues to obstruct evidence about the JFK assassination, routinely blocking legitimate Freedom of Information requests and defying the JFK Records Collection Act of 1992, preventing the release of thousands of government documents as required by the law.
  9. The JFK assassination was just one of four major political murders that traumatized American life in the 1960s and have cast a shadow over the country for decades thereafter. John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were each in his own unique way attempting to turn the United States away from war toward disarmament and peace, away from domestic violence and division toward civil amity and justice. Their killings were together a savage, concerted assault on American democracy and the tragic consequences of these assassinations still haunt our nation.

Click here for biographies of the signatories.

Dr. Gary Aguilar

Daniel Alcorn

Russ Baker

Alec Baldwin

G. Robert Blakey

Denise Faura Bohdan

Abraham Bolden

Rex Bradford

Douglas Caddy

Rodnell Collins

Debra Conway

David Crosby

Edward Curtin

Dr. Donald T. Curtis

Alan Dale

James DiEugenio

James Douglass

Laurie Dusek

Daniel Ellsberg

Karl Evanzz

Richard Falk

Isaac Newton Farris Jr.

Marie Fonzi

Libby Handros

Dan Hardway

Jacob Hornberger

Douglas Horne

Gayle Nix Jackson

Stephen Jaffe

James Jenkins

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Bill Kelly

Andrew Kreig

John Kirby

Rev. James M. Lawson Jr.

Jim Lesar

Edwin Lopez

David Mantik

Dr. Robert N. McClelland

Mark Crispin Miller

Jefferson Morley

John Newman

Len Osanic

Lisa Pease

William F. Pepper

Jerry Policoff

Rob Reiner

Abby Rockefeller

Dick Russell

Mort Sahl

Vincent Salandria

Martin Sheen

Lawrence P. Schnapf

E. Martin Schotz

Paul Schrade

Peter Dale Scott

John Simkin

Bill Simpich

Oliver Stone

Dan Storper

David Talbot

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Adam Walinsky

Benjamin Wecht

Dr. Cyril H. Wecht

Betty Windsor

Who are these people? What have they done in life?

19 thoughts on “A Joint Statement on the Kennedy, King and Malcolm X Assassinations and Ongoing Cover-ups”

  1. Excellent points and comments here (except William’s, who is clearly mentally challenged). The inside job attacks on 9/11 could also easily be a part of this dialogue. Personally, I’d go into the street and assist my fellow americans in stopping everything until these crimes are brought to bare. However, many, if not most american people are wimpy fools. They may think or even say something doesn’t appear truthful – but they don’t really do anything about it, particularly like stopping voting for more and more criminals who uphold these lies.

  2. I agree. All three of the Kennedy’s would have died in the home state of the next President if Obama had not won and all 5 of the Republican President during that time had or were made President by a President that had as their home state one of the states the Kennedy’s were killed in, Texas or California including the last one GW Bush who was first made President by a suspected Home state conspiracy in
    Florida the political home state of his brother the Governor of Florida, Governor Jeb Busb.

  3. Whatever the Russians did to cover up the assassination-I think it’s safe to believe that forces in our own government did their part as well.

    1. Since 1917, Soviet Russia has been a western operation. If “Russia did it”, as is the mockingbird mantra to relieve their owners of blame, its founders on Wall Street want it to look that way.

    2. The Russian “did it” story has long been debunked. In fact, Bobby Kennedy himself called Kruschev to assure him that we/he knew Russia was not involved, much to the dismay of Dulles, Bush, Hunt, Angleton et al who had hoped they could start a war over it & blame Russia.

      Also for those alleging accidents caused ANY of these assassinations …please stop with that nonsense. There is no chance of any of them being “accidental” despite what the right wing drivel REELZ rolls out.

  4. I fear the conspirators have won. If the powers that be had agreed to cooperate 56 years ago, we could have made a difference in the way we conduct business here and abroad. Too much time has passed now. Those of us who were alive and remember the devastation his execution caused are moving on. We are dying off just in time for the truth, the whole truth, to be revealed when no one can be held accountable; no one will be punished. Our president had his head blown off in broad daylight in a major city and our best, sustained efforts couldn’t loosen the tentacled grasp government officials held over the details about how it happened. This is the same Some America our kids sacrifice their lives to protect? Why? Moscow couldn’t have done a better job of covering up this monstrous, evil, cowardly murder. He never had a chance.

    Thanks for all your hard work Jeff.

    1. The conspirators won the moment they got into the positions of power to conspire unfettered and within areas that would not persist without heavy compartmentalization — the global fiat bankster cartel, its vassal states’ governments, their academia, their media, and especially in private in civilian life where most conspiracies are never uncovered and is the likely place that most major assassinations are managed but carried out by the banksters captive governments’ mercenaries.

  5. To All Who Signed this Letter:
    I applaud each and everyone of you for your courage to stand against this evil act and continue to fight for the good in this world, which includes exposing the Truth. Thank You!

    How can I sign this letter as well?

      1. You were never banned. You are free to submit posts, which I reserved the right to edit before publication, if necessary to meet the site’s standards.

    1. [Jeff -not Morley- wrote:]
      “How can I sign this letter as well?”

      People have been lied about signing that letter. They were told: “Oh, don’t worry, there will be a SECOND ROUND! Your signature will be included”

      For details, you can either ask here, publicly or in private: As usual: your choice.

      JFK Numbers

  6. This is a succinct summation of what I, as a historian with a Ph.D. from a reputable university and years of teaching, research, and publishing experience, now understand to be the case with these assassinations. It is accurate to say that this still haunts our nation, and until the public understands that the JFK assassination was a coup, the haunting will continue.

    1. Roy W Kornbluth

      Yes, “the haunting will continue” until we understand and admit the coup. And it’s not some supernatural thing. It’s pure cause and effect. The coup d’etat is why we are alone in the developed world regarding basic health care as a citizen’s right and benefit. It’s why our national debt is unmanageable. It’s why our military costs 20 times per capita compared to the other 95.5 percent of Earth. It’s why we despise noble labor, both the performance of it and those who do it. “He shoulda gone to college and got hisself a office job, n then he wooden be out in all kinds uh weather, building houses.” Or farming, fishing, manufacturing, making roads/bridges, etc.

      This current Dark Age can be over if we receive a full government admission of the sixties’ assassinations and the murder of constitutional government itself. Government of, by, and for the people.

      1. Based on the civil trial and book “The Plot to Kill King” by King family attorney William Pepper, I’m 99% convinced there was a conspiracy to assassinate Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Based on the book “The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy” by professor Phillip Melanson, I am 90% convinced there was a conspiracy to assassinate US Senator and likely Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy, possibly involving hypnotic programming of Sirhan B. Sirhan and possible a fatal head shot at close range–either deliberate or accidental–from behind RFK by his security guard Thane Cesar. Thane Cesar previously worked security for Robert Mayhew, former FBI agent and owner of a highly-respected private security firm who did work for Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon, and was involved in the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Cuban President Fidel Castro. I am 99% convinced there were at least two prior plots against President John F. Kennedy, including a serious plot in Chicago in which a mentally disturbed US Marine named Vallee was arrested, charged and convicted, and which may also have involved several Cubans not directly linked to Vallee who were picked up and questioned by Chicago Police and Secret Service Agents. There was also a bomb plot against JFK in Miami. But I am NOT convinced there was more than one shooter in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. There is still NO hard, credible evidence of more than three shots being fired at JFK, and NO hard evidence that shots were fired from any location besides the sixth floor window of the so-called Dallas Book Depository Building. Jack Ruby’s stripper “heartthrob” “Gail Raven’s” story rings true, even her feeling that it was NOT Jack Ruby’s original plan to kill Lee Harvey Oswald at that specific time. Jack Ruby’s shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald–which I watched live on NBC— MAY have been an impulsive, spur of the moment act, as Ruby claimed. Ruby passed an FBI polygraph exam except for one question: his name. His real name was Jacob Rubinstein. I always thought Ruby’s professed “reason” for shooting Oswald—to spare Jackie Kennedy the emotional pain of Oswald’s trial—sounded very flimsy. Gail Raven feels the same way. There is NO doubt Ruby was stalking Oswald prior to killing him. There is NO doubt about Jack Ruby’s ties to organized crime bosses in Chicago and New Orleans, and Ruby’s active role in Mafia and CIA-approved gun-running to Cuba during the late 1950s and early 1960s. A thorough investigation and public trial of Lee Harvey Oswald would have caused huge embarrassment–and probably criminal charges–against MANY people in Dallas and New Orleans that Oswald and Ruby both had “connections” with–EVEN IF those connections had nothing to do with the murder of JFK. There is unverified but credible testimony from a Secret Service Agent who read a page of “death threats” in Oswald’s diary before turning it in to his bosses, that former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, whose discharge was downgraded from “Honorable” to “General” was shooting at Texas Governor John Connally, who, as Secretary of the Navy, had denied Oswald’s request for an “Honorable” discharge from the US Marines. According to the Secret Service Agent, John Connally’s name was at the top of Oswald’s “hit list” which also included FBI Agent Hosty, Richard Nixon, and retired General Edwin Walker, whom Oswald DID shoot at six months prior, barely missing Walker. Oswald’s #1 “hit list” target John Connally, sitting next to JFK in the limousine, WAS seriously wounded, but survived; JFK was not so fortunate.

        1. Oswald was innocent & is in a picture as well as George H.W. Bush, who along with Allen Dulles & Prescott Bush, Texas Oil men & others planned it & carried it out. To not understand that Bush Sr. was in the middle of this thing & has spent decades blocking it & to continue to carry water for the CIA with their trumped up Oswald story is to not understand the truth.

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