How to make the next president more accountable

“The issues raised by [Secretary Clinton’s] emails are not new, but the political climate and ongoing wave of media attention to the issue has led to a heightened public attention to the government’s digital records preservation policies.”

People expect digital transparency from the government. When they don’t get it…..

…..they resort to baseless conspiracy theories (like the one that holds Ted Cruz’s father had something to do with the assassination of JFK). Or they get cynical. Or they get angry about policies to deny the American people their own history, which can feel like a lot like a conspiracy against the public interest.

Open the Government, a Washington-based coalition, has some practical suggestions for the next president.

Source: OTG, openness groups publish Proposal to Strengthen Records Accountability in the next Administration |

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  1. Larry Schnapf says:

    I have been concerned that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and the destruction of records without anyone being held accountable will serve as precedent for undermining FOIA. I personally believe she set up the server to avoid creating FOIAble records. However, even if this was inadvertant, it sets a dangerous precedent away from government transparency.

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