Is that Rafael Cruz next to Oswald?

There’s no evidence that it is, but judge for yourself. 

The National Enquirer says the man in the white shirt and thin tie seen at the beginning of this news footage is Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, Republican presidential candidate. Cruz, the tabloid says, “worked with” Oswald in August 1963, and thus is somehow implicated in Kennedy’s assassination three months later. I’m not a fan of Ted Cruz but I have to agree with his campaign’s statement that the allegation is “garbage.”

A couple of points worth noting.

1) In the still photo reproduced by the Enquirer the man alleged to be Cruz appears to be handing out pamphlets with Oswald. In the film version, however, he seems to have taken a pamphlet and talks to other passersby, and then vanishes, never to appear again. The man took a pamphlet. There is no visual evidence that he “worked with” Oswald.

2) The photo experts quoted by the Enquirer are absurdly vague in their “confirmation” that the man in question is Rafael Cruz. Comparing the footage to a photo of Cruz, Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of ScanMyPhotos, a California-based digitizing photo service, said “There’s more similarity than dissimilarity.” This statement is also true when you compare photos of me and Brad Pitt. We’re both six feet tall, both have two eyes, two ears, a mouth, fair skin, light brown hair and so on. That does not exactly constitute confirmation that I am Angelina Jolie’s husband.

3) Oswald’s activities for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans are relevant to the JFK assassination story because they were immediately called to the attention of the FBI and the CIA. Indeed with a month, a FBI report on Oswald was delivered to a secret office in the CIA known as the Special Investigations Group, which sought to identify Soviet spies within the CIA. Why were the CIA’s mole hunters interested in Oswald? Good question for which there is no known answer.

When Oswald paid a visit to the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City in September 1963, the Special Investigations Group was notified again. The office drafted two cables about Oswald that were distributed to other U.S. government agencies and the CIA station in Mexico. Here’s one of those cables, date, October 10, 1963. On the last page, you can see the names and positions of the senior CIA officers who were knowledgable about Oswald’s travels, politics and foreign contacts six weeks before JFK was killed. The story here is the CIA’s interest in Lee Oswald, not Rafael Cruz’s.



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  1. There indeed seems to be more to be looked at in the case of Raphael Cruz.

    He seems to have had connections with the cast of characters in N. Orleans prior to the Assassination above and beyond the I. Trade Mart Photo through the Schlumberger Oil Company of France.

    “What Novel revealed to the press was that the CIA unit in New Orleans transferred munitions from the oil services company’s bunker, leased by Schlumberger Well Services Company of Houston, to three destinations in New Orleans: Novel’s Evergreen Advertising Agency building, the home of CIA contract pilot David Ferrie, and the office of Guy Banister in the Newman Building on Lafayette Street. In early 1961, an associate of Banister revealed that he saw as many as 100 boxes of munitions in Banister’s storeroom. They were all marked “Schlumberger,” the same firm with which Rafael Cruz had a contractual relationship”.

  2. How is the Deep State most like a ’60s Rock and Roll station…?

    With either, “The Hits Just Keep on Comin’..”

    1. Wow….I wonder if that has anything to do with the whole “possible pathway to victory” thing….?

  3. Did he kill JFK……….…I hardly think so, but if it is him pictured,
    such a strange coincidence is only fitting in the quagmire of the entire matter.
    Jordan April 26

    It is theoretically possible that the man passing out pamphlets with LHO is Raphael Cruz.

    They were passing out the pamphlets at the International Trade Mart in New Orleans in 1963.

    Something rings true here.

    R. Cruz’s biography and facial similarities dont allow us to rule it out as a possibility.

    Also, only one man helping LHO has ever been positively identified.

    There is also no denial from either Cruz that Raphael Cruz knew LHO. Only that he did not participate in the JFK Assassination.

    It is also being reported that Judith Baker has confirmed Cruz knew LHO.

  4. According to something I just read over at CTKA, Cruz’s father is about 6 feet tall. The man in the picture is shorter than Oswald, who was 5’9″. If that’s true, it isn’t Cruz’s father.

  5. Gerry Simone

    Is there a video of Ted Cruz’ father in a different setting back in the day? It would be interesting to compare to other videos.

    1. No. Look at an early photo of Cruz in my post that includes the Milfuegos blog link. The Montreal sunglass man has different hairline and head shape (more refined features too).

  6. There is zero evidence that LHO visited the Cuban consulate in Mexico City, no photos, no audio, no video, no fingerprints – nothing!

    1. Except the reports of the Cuban embassy personnel who reported him there. Or do you just ignore those reports?

      1. Photon

        May 9, 2016 at 7:47 pm

        Except the reports of the Cuban embassy personnel who reported him there. Or do you just ignore those reports?

        Reports aren’t evidence.

  7. After vowing to stay in the campaign to the very end, I find it extremely coincidental that Ted Cruz dropped out hours after this information was released. THAT, says a lot more than any picture or accusation. One wonders what else was supposed to stay out of the public eye ?

    1. Who is Trump’s dirty trickster – in spite of staging a theatrical alleged retreat from “The Donald’s” campaign a few months ago? Roger Stone.

      The Raphael Cruz film footage has been in the public domain for how long? There’s no definitive, no proof, but it has been presented at a critical moment in the 2016 campaign as sufficient to suggest that Ted Cruz had some inside track on the 1963 assassination, right? That’s all that is necessary in soundbite coverage. Plant the seed.

      The Fourth Estate lets us down again. The Fourth Estate is why we have Donald Trump as the GOP Candidate.

      A repeat of the 1970’s. Roger Stone and his ilk are the Real Enemy of democracy imo. Stone is (on behalf of unknowns) exploiting the spectacle of the broad daylight murder of John Kennedy to promote his ideological, commercial agenda; this time his object is Donald Trump.

      These are the real enemies of the ideal of American democracy. Maybe 11.22.63 wasn’t a coup d’etat; maybe it was the opening salvo of a Civil War that will manifest in November 2016.

  8. I have to say that the optics of Cruz dropping out as this story circulates is, to me, rather revealing. There is something fishy in Texas….

  9. My sources tell me that while in Canada, Cruz worked for Zapata Oil, which was George H.W. Bush’s CIA front company. True?

  10. Whoever the person is, if I understand correctly, he is the only person seen assisting LHO in N.O. who was never identified. There were also unidentified people seen assisting LHO in handing out the same pamphlets with likely a different address local to Montreal. I’ve never found a picture of the pamphlets except for those with the N.O. address.

    A web search of pictures reveal some that bear a striking resemblance to the guy helping LHO, HYMMV.

    Interestingly enough, the location were LHO was allegedly seen in Montreal is very close to the Centre Commercial Mondial de Montreal in The Old Port where international intelligentsia and Consulates co-exist to this day, and the Civil war era Confederate Headquarters in the old St. Lawrence Hall where John Wilkes Booth liked to hang out.

  11. It looks like the assassination of JFK is back in the MSM news in the USA and Europe, and it is all down to Donald Trump…

    Still according to the Guardian:

    Ted Cruz spokesperson Alice Stewart has released a statement about Donald Trump’s declaration this morning that Cruz’s father was linked to the assassination of John F. Kennedy:

    It’s embarrassing that anyone would enable Trump to discuss this. It’s a garbage story and clearly Donald wants to talk about garbage. Ted Cruz will do what he’s been doing, talking about Jobs, Freedom, and Security for the American people.

    She did not respond to the Guardian’s question regarding whether the Texas senator believes that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

  12. Your first point is false. You only have to look at the video to see that the man in question has a bunch of pamphlets in his hands, not just one! It’s MUCH more likely that he was giving them out instead of reading them all!

    Also, it is not disputed that Cruz was living in New Orleans at this time (1963) and was very anti-Castro.

    Obviously the CIA was interested in Oswald. How is that related to whether Raphael Cruz (if he is the unknown man in the video) was seen with Oswald?

  13. Really? We need a picture of pappa cruz at that age to compare.
    Who cares about Cruz, Trump or Hillary. They’re all CFR approved.

  14. The article reads:

    The Enquirer has a testimonial from Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of ScanMyPhotos, a California-based digitizing photo service, who told the tabloid, “There’s more similarity than dissimilarity. . . . it looks to be the same person and I can say as much with a high degree of confidence.”

    Papa Cruz was in New Orleans at that time as well, and if you need a source for that, I’ll gladly provide such. He then left the U.S. some few months after Nov. 22, 1963, and the person in the photo has never been identified.

    Interestingly enough, it appears that the Draft may have had a little something to do with the move to Canada as well.

    Did he kill JFK…I hardly think so, but if it is him pictured,
    such a strange coincidence is only fitting in the quagmire of the entire matter.

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