The History Channel series ‘JFK Declassified’ is MIA but we have the latest

Dave writes from Canada with the latest intelligence on Episode 5 of the mysteriously cancelled TV show, “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald.”

JFK Declassified

“Just saw Ep. 5 in Canada last night. Bob Baer still not noticing that Alpha 66’s & LHO handler Maurice Bishop has been revealed by Veciana to be CIA’s David Atlee Philips! Makes it sound like LHO was involved with Alpha 66 guerilla training – with CIA support – in summer 1963 and then (why?) suddenly goes rogue a few months later and shoots JFK, with Alpha 66’s help. This is starting to sound like the plot of DAP’s “novel” The Night Watchman – that while the CIA knew of LHO/Alpha 66, it did not have anything directly to do with the assassination. We are promised the final puzzle pieces in Ep. 6 next week. Hmm.”

Thanks Dave! Keep us posted.

A thoughtful Canadian friend (is there any other kind?) summarized Episode 3 here. Another explicated Episode 4 here.

This is provocative stuff. Whether you agree with Baer’s theory or not (and I don’t), he has done some original and interesting research on key issues in the JFK story.

So why did his well-produced and promoted show get cancelled? That is the latest unsolved JFK mystery.

Robert Baer

Robert Baer, JFK sleuth

To recap:  In April, The History Channel launched JFK documentary series, “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald,” hosted by decorated CIA operative Robert Baer. Episodes 1 and 2, indicated that Baer was pursuing the “Castro Done It” conspiracy theory, advocated previously by former CIA analyst Brian Latell and author Gus Russo, among others.

[Here’s the JFK Facts interview with Latell.}

Dan Hardway and I talked with Baer on Fernand Amandi’s talk radio program in Miami. On the air, Baer pleaded with us to watch the whole series before passing judgment on it, a fair request, which I intended to honor.

But History Channel stopped airing the series–at least in the United States– after Episodes 1 and 2. This lonely pair has been orphaned on the History Channel web site, while the entire series has been made available to viewers in Canada.

Huh? The Canadians are a fine bunch of people but are they more interested in the JFK story than Americans? I doubt it.

So what gives? A half dozen JFK Facts readers have asked A&E and History Channel for an explanation. All of us have received spam replies.

I’m investigating what happened. If you know anything, leave a comment below or email me at

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