The History Channel series ‘JFK Declassified’ is MIA but we have the latest

Dave writes from Canada with the latest intelligence on Episode 5 of the mysteriously cancelled TV show, “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald.”

JFK Declassified

“Just saw Ep. 5 in Canada last night. Bob Baer still not noticing that Alpha 66’s & LHO handler Maurice Bishop has been revealed by Veciana to be CIA’s David Atlee Philips! Makes it sound like LHO was involved with Alpha 66 guerilla training – with CIA support – in summer 1963 and then (why?) suddenly goes rogue a few months later and shoots JFK, with Alpha 66’s help. This is starting to sound like the plot of DAP’s “novel” The Night Watchman – that while the CIA knew of LHO/Alpha 66, it did not have anything directly to do with the assassination. We are promised the final puzzle pieces in Ep. 6 next week. Hmm.”

Thanks Dave! Keep us posted.

A thoughtful Canadian friend (is there any other kind?) summarized Episode 3 here. Another explicated Episode 4 here.

This is provocative stuff. Whether you agree with Baer’s theory or not (and I don’t), he has done some original and interesting research on key issues in the JFK story.

So why did his well-produced and promoted show get cancelled? That is the latest unsolved JFK mystery.

Robert Baer
Robert Baer, JFK sleuth

To recap:  In April, The History Channel launched JFK documentary series, “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald,” hosted by decorated CIA operative Robert Baer. Episodes 1 and 2, indicated that Baer was pursuing the “Castro Done It” conspiracy theory, advocated previously by former CIA analyst Brian Latell and author Gus Russo, among others.

[Here’s the JFK Facts interview with Latell.}

Dan Hardway and I talked with Baer on Fernand Amandi’s talk radio program in Miami. On the air, Baer pleaded with us to watch the whole series before passing judgment on it, a fair request, which I intended to honor.

But History Channel stopped airing the series–at least in the United States– after Episodes 1 and 2. This lonely pair has been orphaned on the History Channel web site, while the entire series has been made available to viewers in Canada.

Huh? The Canadians are a fine bunch of people but are they more interested in the JFK story than Americans? I doubt it.

So what gives? A half dozen JFK Facts readers have asked A&E and History Channel for an explanation. All of us have received spam replies.

I’m investigating what happened. If you know anything, leave a comment below or email me at

2 thoughts on “The History Channel series ‘JFK Declassified’ is MIA but we have the latest”

  1. I am attempting to locate access to the database featured on the JFK Declassified TV show so I can look up the info on my own. Does anyone know how to access it? Or is the database simple a made up program they used on TV only? Thanks!!

    1. I was looking to do the same as Jeremy but like him I can’t find anything. Anyone know anything on this? Also I’d like more info on why the show was cancelled
      My guess is Baer was getting way too close way too fast and instead of another assassination they shut him down. Just a theory.

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