An epic non-fiction novel of American history

As a former longtime employee of CIA, I can attest that this book conveys a true picture of the goings on within the agency.”

— From Martha Hanchulak’s review of “Our Man in Mexico: Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA.” My first book describes in lucid detail how the CIA’s top man in Mexico viewed President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963: with deep suspicion.

It’s an epic non-fiction novel of American history.

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  1. Alan Dale says:

    ^ One of the most essential books of the past decade. Must read.

    I am enjoying reading Snow-Storm In August: The Struggle for American Freedom and Washington’s Race Riots of 1835. Also a worthwhile stocking stuffer.

  2. John Kirsch says:

    I am breaking my vow of abstinence (from commenting) to plug this book, which I read and enjoyed several years ago. Like many others interested in 11/22 I have slogged my way through many bad books about the assassination over the years. This book is an exception. It is detailed but never dull. The next time you are tempted to label a critic of the Official Story a “conspiracy nut,” consider the fact that the chief of the CIA station in Mexico City, one of the most important stations in the world, believed the circumstances of JFK’s death were highly suspicious.

  3. George Simmons says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

    It was quite fascinating and thought provoking.

    No hesitation in recommending to others.

  4. Photon says:

    Who is Martha Hanchulak?

  5. PBR says:

    Whether genuinely convinced of the official narrative or simply a devil’s advocate, Photon has certainly made some thoughtful contributions to the discussion to date. By employing for the most part facts and questioning the veracity of many claims posted here he/she has done a service to the research community by stimulating the debate and posing the types of hard questions that the research community need to face head on. Those who would challenge Photon’s views must therefore deal in facts. Hard evidence as opposed to off hand barbs would seem to be the order of the day.

  6. notohp says:

    “..Those who would challenge Photon’s views must therefore deal in facts. Hard evidence as opposed to off hand barbs would seem to be the order of the day.”

    LOL what a laugh

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