Alexandra Zapruder on NPR

Her comment made me wonder what she (and Robert Sigal) think her grandfather’s film shows:

In contrast to the findings of the Warren Report, there are many people who look at the film and believe that it shows evidence that the president was shot from the front.

Source: No Stranger To Conspiracy Theories, Alexandra Zapruder On How They Take Hold : NPR

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  1. Eliezer Ephraim Cohen says:

    Abraham Zapruder testified under oath twice, the first time before the Warren Commission and then at the trial of Clay Shaw. He never testified that as the Presidential vehicle came into view that he “stopped filming” as Micheael E. Ruane, a writer for the Washington Post stated in an article dated November 21, 2013 stating: “He fired off 132 frames as the Motorcycle policemen ahead of the President rounded the corner, and then he stopped, to save the film.” My question is does anyone know of any verifiable public statement by Mr. Zapruder that he stopped filming, or is this merely conjecture by Mr. Ruane?

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