You’re invited to the Spy Museum’s event on the CIA and Watergate

Next month, the Spy Museum in Washington DC will host conversation about Scorpions Dance. I’ll be talking with with James Rosen, author of Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate.

An excerpt from my book:

“As told by the Washington Post, and the movie All the President’s Men, Watergate is the tale of a lawless and paranoid president brought to justice by an independent press. The reports of the Senate Watergate Committee and House Judiciary Committee wove narratives of impeachable offenses committed by a president who had abused his powers, both at home …

…and abroad. Nixon’s defenders depict a flawed conservative innovator vanquished by the entrenched liberal elites that he battled his whole career. Revisionist journalists adduce new facts showing the Watergate affair involved secret agendas of blackmail and manipulation that the other Watergate narratives missed or avoided.

“Whatever the merit of these interpretations of Watergate (and they all have some, I think), Scorpion’s Dance widens the lens, to see the Watergate affair, not only as a chapter in history of the Nixon presidency, but also as a chapter in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency.”


Register for the event here. Its free and open to the public.

Order the book now: Scorpions’ Dance: The President, the Spymaster and Watergate (St Martin’s Press, 2022)

Order the audiobook of Scorpions Dance here.

Listen to an excerpt from Scorpions Dance here.

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