3 thoughts on “Will Trump release the JFK files next week?”

  1. I sent Jefferson Morley this question, but others probably know the answer too. The Angleton Interview Files from the Church Committee that were deemed not relevant – when exactly did this action take place and by whom?

    1. Angleton’s closed door testimony to the Church Committee took place on September 12, 1975. The CIA released the transcript late last year.
      You can read it here.
      The reason that the counterintelligence chief’s comments had been kept secret for 42 years was because of a notorious claim that Angleton made while talking to the Committee.

      When asked why the CIA had retained some biological warfare material after President Nixon had ordered its destruction, Angleton replied.

      “It is inconceivable that a secret intelligence arm of the Government has to comply with all of the overt orders of the Government.”

      This bald assertion of secret power did not go over well with the Congress or the press. So the CIA buried Angleton’s comments for as long as they could.

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