Will Joe Biden Release the JFK Assassination Records?

Grassy knoll aftermath
A Dallas police officer runs toward the so-called grassy knoll area moments after President Kennedy was shot.

You will recall that President Trump caved to CIA director Mike Pompeo and FBI director Christopher Wray in October 2017. The two agencies were allowed to drop a veil of bizarre and suspicious secrecy over the full record of JFK’s assassination.

The clock is ticking, notes Brendan Cole in Newsweek. Will President Biden do the right thing?

In a presidential memo, Trump said the move was “to protect against identifiable harm to national security, law enforcement, or foreign affairs.” According to the National Archives, some 15,834 of the files still contain redactions and 520 remain unreleased in full.In April 2018, it said that a decision about the material must be reviewed again before October 26, 2021 “to determine whether continued withholding from disclosure is necessary.” This means that their fate will fall within the purview of the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Source: Will Joe Biden Release JFK Assassination Records?

10 thoughts on “Will Joe Biden Release the JFK Assassination Records?”

  1. John F. Davies USMC ret

    My answer- Not Likely

    My reason- Looking at Biden’s appointments to his cabinet, all of whom have close connections with the Washington Establishment, as well as Biden’s own past ties with the National Security State, the chance of these files becoming public are minimal.

    At best, if they do release them, the documents will be so heavily redacted that it will be nearly impossible for researchers to find anything of value.

    Interesting note: After Trump’s caving in to the CIA, Wikileaks offered a $100000 reward to anyone who would make public the released files Unredacted. Shortly afterward, the Government and the media doubled down in their attempt to extradite Julian Assange.

  2. President-elect Biden should release all the JFK files. Will he? Probably not. Why? Because the National Security State is well entrenched and there is no benefit to it by confirming that the JFK assassination was anything other than a “cruel and shocking act” by one man. The lone assassin theory has held up for 57 years — even in the face of the HSCA finding of a likely conspiracy. Why disclose previously unknown facts now — especially in the current anti-conspiracy climate?

    But for the sake of argument, let’s say all the files are/were released. Does anyone think that those files have not been “sanitized?” I am old enough to have experienced that event (JFK’s death) as living history. Over the past five decades, I have read all the reports and all the major works on the “Big Event.” My deduction is that the JFK assassination is a “hall of mirrors.” The “facts” are so intentionally scrambled as to make a true picture of what really happened a virtual impossibility. However, if LHO was what the WC said he was (lone nut), all the pieces would largely fit together. They don’t and they won’t. Hence, the endless quest for answers.

    The success of hiding the JFK assassination’s real genesis seems to have encouraged the National Security State to lie to the American people about other matters great and small — i.e., UFOs, Vietnam, 9/11, Iraq WMDs et al. This in turn, has greatly contributed to the current public climate where most citizens are not sure what believe about anything, including COVID. Hence our task to restore trust –the best reason of all to stop stonewalling whatever files still exist.

  3. Biden: What records? Are these 45s or LPs? And who was JFK?

    In other words, NO. Probably for the same reasons Trump didn’t.

  4. I believe the time has come to release all assassination information on JFK. The time has come to see documents which the government holds in secret because what are they hiding what the public needs to know.

  5. Jeff, Trump could release the remaining JFK records before he leaves office in January. Do you think there is any chance of that occurring?

    1. There is a chance, which is better than nothing. Does Trump care about the issue? Is he capable of focusing on it? Those are question that go to his state of mind which is not worth the time to speculate about.

  6. If it was just a coincidence that President Kennedy was killed in the home state of the next President, his Vice President Johnson, than why is it that President Kennedy’s brother, Robert Kennedy and the President before them, President William McKinley were also killed in the home state of the next President, a Vice President? To many to be a coincidence.

  7. there’s little reason to believe that Biden will release any of the records we want to see. he may be a better president than Trump, but that’s not saying much. as a longtime member of the Washington elite, however, Biden has more reason to keep the bid secrets secret than an outsider such as Trump may have had…
    why didn’t our previous presidents — the two Bushes, Clinton and Obama — open up the archives? whatever stopped them from acting on this issue, despite their promises to do so, will also prevent Mastercard Joe from unlocking the documents. sad but true…

  8. robert e williamson jr

    I can easily see Mike Pompeo destroying all the old documents at CIA the unaccountable leaders of this country have once again run amok.

    Interesting so little attention was paid to the anniversary of the JFK murder.

    I’m not sure how you fellas can have so much patience with obvious outlaws running things but I respect your coolness. I have too much of a temper I guess.

    But I figured this distraction by The King of the 2020 COVID Virus would be sufficient to suggest to some that the JFK murder was simply “OLD NEWS”.

    Sad days for America ahead I’m fearing.

  9. I am very interested in the fact that the JFK autopsy was not performed by the best forensic pathologists in the USA. Were photos taken and if so where are they?
    Is does seem that we will not get to the truth of JFK’s assassination.

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