Breaking a promise, Trump blocked the release of JFK files a year ago

TrumpEarlier this year documentary film maker Randy Benson makes a important point about the JFK file releases of 2018–which left more than 15,000 assassination-related records beyond public view.

President Trump is responsible.

I have no doubt that Trump personally wanted to release all the JFK files. But after tweeting, inaccurately, that the files had been released, Trump protected the last of the CIA and FBI’s assassination-related secrets.

Here’s Trump’s October 26 JFK order, as found on the White House web site. In it, Trump avoided mentioning the CIA by name saying only that

executive departments and agencies (agencies) have proposed to me that certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns. I have no choice –today — but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our Nation’s security.[

That loophole was big enough for the CIA and FBI to drive a cart full of JFK records to Secrecy City.

A review of the National Archives JFK records database, by the non-profit Mary Ferrell Foundation shows that 15,834 JFK documents remain wholly or partially secret. (Full disclosure: I’m the vice president of the foundation.)

The results were dispiriting.

There was the will of the people, as expressed through law enacted by Congress The JFK Records Act, was unanimously approved by Congress. It was signed in to law by a Republican president. It was implemented by a Democratic president. It called for full disclosure as of October 26, 2017.

Then there was the will of the CIA. The secretive agency prevailed.

Benson’s tweet expressed a point that was hard to refute.

3 thoughts on “Breaking a promise, Trump blocked the release of JFK files a year ago”

  1. I very much support releasing the files.I believe Trumps claim to release the files was why he got elected the first time and that lie is what cost him the second term. There was a lot of money involved there that was taken out of the country before the assassination and put in foreign banks to stay at least 50 years and be brought back afterwards to pay for protection of the assassins family’s that never had any thing to do with the assassination. I believe that Trump was helped get elected by a lot of people believing they would get their money but Trump got greedy and devised a plan to keep the money for himself and friends instead of the protection of these individuals it was ment for. Therefore he chose not to release the files and keep all that money.I do not know if the CIA had anything to do with the assassinations or not,but I do know that the FBI covered up for and protected the assassins from getting caught.J.E.Hover,head of the FBI told the mafia if they did kill JFK,MLK and RFK to leave a couple people to tell what happened and why,so Hover at least knew it was going to happen and didn’t stop it.Yet J.E.Hovers name is still on at least 50 federal courthouses around the country.Now what it is going to take to get the truth out is never before known information to pop up,forcing the government’s hand to release the information…..The mafia wouldnt have been to stupid to use an inexperienced assassin,so they had to get them experienced. NOW turn to Watauga County North Carolina Shierfs Dept. and see if they still have an open case open since right before JFKs assassination. In this open case there were five people slaughtered and their murderer never caught,That will be the five murders that it took to get JFKs assassin seasoned enough for the key job of killing JFK. I know the Old mafia was honest enough to carry out the plan as planed,but they are dead and gone.I hope I’m wrong about Trump.The best thing he can do at this moment is go ahead and blurt out the truth so the files will have to be released.Telling the truth could help his tarnished reputation.

  2. A person with a long history in government, and with deep political, business, and criminal ties – yes, FBI Director, J. E. Hoover! – once stated that what he knew about the JFK assassination (the truth), would disrupt the political process if publicly revealed (The Conspiracy is the Evidence). Hoover and top FBI executives were instrumental players in the JFK assassination “investigation” who, operationally, along with top personnel in the Secret Service, CIA, DPD, Dallas DA, and Texas Atty Gen., ensured that Lee Harvey Oswald is forever cast as the deranged lone assassin of JFK. All of these agencies, since 1963, have been cited for corruption and lawlessness. Gotta love those law and order Fascists!! Our government operates according to a given network of people, in key positions of power, advancing a specific world view. Currently, the network in power has a decidedly Fascist worldview. We’ve already lost the government; vote because you are a “good citizen” and believe we still live in a democracy. November 22, 1963, shatters that illusion depending, of course, on your worldview.

  3. The very fact that President Trump did not allow all of the files to be released, is not surprising. It is rather sad, considering that he was going to “drain the swamp” in DC.Seems like the swamp drained him on this one.

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