Who was June Cobb?

Phil Shenon asks a good question in POLITICO Magazine but John Newman has the most authoritative answer in his new highly recommended book, Countdown to Darkness.JFK scholars are awaiting the release of documents about June Cobb, a little-known CIA operative working in Cuba and Mexico around the time of the president’s assassination.

Source: What Could a Mysterious U.S. Spy Know About the JFK Assassination? – POLITICO Magazine

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  1. the revelation that June Cobb knew of Oswald and later worked for the fledgling BNDD ( now DEA) is important from one standpoint. it happened a person using a false passport of Mr Souetre ( the man was also called Katz) who had known ties to World heroin and also ties to the OAS ( outfit that tried to bump off DE Gaulle in the 1950’s) was in Dallas at the time of the assassination. He would not be there for sight seeing. if not involved then knew something was going to happen. FBI interviewed the real Souetre in 1970’s and found nothing but the real Mertz was not found. if June Cobb knew of him with BNDD then that is significant from the standpoint that the reason for the assassination was that Kennedy would have brought troops home from Vietnam in 1964 had he lived and it would cut into heroin/opium trade from the Golden triangle. so heroin leaders had him killed to prevent this. the name Souetre was mis heard by E. Howard Hunt who thought it was Lucien Sarti it was not it was Souetre. A respected Dentist in Houston, Dr Alderson had contact with the real Souetre until his death. With this June Cobb and known work for BNDD it opens a pathway to see if Mertz had any involvement viz a viz Heroin trade from Golden triangle and the ” why of the assassination. FBI did interview Souetre but BNDD does not always communicate with FBI or vice a versa. it would be interesting to see what June Cobb or BNDD might have known circa 1963 and why Mertz ( using Souetre passport was in Dallas at that time. until they prove otherwise I still believe Oswald acted alone. but many un answered questions

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