What will happen with JFK disclosures in October 2017?

A faithful friend responds to Politico story on JFK disclosures coming in October 2017.

“Some people who have already found evidence of a conspiracy (no matter how implausible) in the old documents will find support in the new documents and/or in the continued withholding.

“Some of those who have said there is no proof of a conspiracy will claim that the absence of a new smoking gun confirms their position.”

16 thoughts on “What will happen with JFK disclosures in October 2017?”

  1. October 2017 might not reveal any change in the nature of corruption that characterizes ruling/military/intelligence structures in what is a democracy in name only.

    In a nation that arbitrarily spies on every communication made by its own citizens except for elites, it would be surprising if all of a sudden, the files will be released in good faith for those seeking the truth of JFK’s assassination or the truth of history.

    In a nation that routinely lies to its citizens as to the extent of its betrayal of their rights and persecutes the whistle blowers of such betrayal, October 2017 doesn’t strike as a potential sea change in the standard obfuscation MO.

  2. Nothing will happen in Oct. 2017. The disclosures will create perhaps a few weeks of conversations between the various factors, the realization once again of no smoking gun and one side screaming we want more documents. Same scenario different year. Majority of Americans could care less about the case. It’s history to them. Researchers are growing older and are not being replaced by the Melenials.

  3. The consensus of research opinion is now that the CIA had an involvement in the cover-up of JFK’s assassination. The released documents will likely prove useful to the experts in further making this case.

    It is within this element of the assassination that a positive result can be achieved; that is the indictment of the CIA.

  4. About 80% of professional intelligence analysis is made up of “open source”. These dots can be connected as per ‘trajectory’, MO, Routine Habits, and other forensic techniques; Means, Opportunity, Cui Bono, etc.

    I am convinced that the JFK assassination case has been broken, and has been for decades. It was a coup d’etat, pure and simple and quite obvious.

    If there is a “smoking gun” left in the record then the Intelligence community is even more stupid than I already take them for.

  5. Regarding the thread title what will happen. Nobody knows because Nobody Knows what is out there, as far as the public goes. Nobody Knows who the next POTUS will be or what might happen with him or her in office. Will they open a potential can of worms? Not most of the candidates. None of whom have been approached about the subject to my knowledge. Can we beg them to Please FREE THE FILES on this site? I don’t know Jeff Morley or Tom Scully (or Rex Bradford) personally. I think full disclosure of the documents referred to would be of Public Benefit people like Me.

  6. The Politico piece states:
    “The archives says that certain information has been removed from the list, including titles and other identifying information, to protect national security , personal privacy and tax information”

    This is a sobering thought.
    We have no idea if we are getting all the documents that are available, and if all the important documents have already been destroyed.
    It was a ludicrous situation that the CIA could refuse to hand over documents to the official investigations. Now, of course, we know that the CIA lied to and mislead those investigations.
    We really need an independent panel with the power to view ALL available documents and with the power to override the CIA in getting these documents.
    I feel a parallel can be made here with the Hillsborough disaster in England. Twenty years after the disaster an independent panel was set up by the Government to investigate the disaster with the power to view anything they wanted. What was uncovered was that the truth of the disaster was covered up by the judiciary, the politicians and the police, and the cover up continued for a generation. Over 100 statements had been falsely altered and amended.
    This is the kind of independent panel we need to look at the JFK case again. But I fear it is too late

    1. Only those in their mid-20’s in 1963 could possibly have reason to worry about their personal privacy or safety or their tax information. Those individuals would be well into their 80’s in 2017, specifically, those born in 1935 – 28 yrs of age at the time of the assassination will be 82. Would these people suffer an invasion of privacy were their records to be divulged in 2017? Would their coveted tax records expose them to litigation? Is that what this argument is about? If not, it seems to me that we’re talking inheritance, on a number of plains, including the possibility the individuals passed on their security status, passed on their professional data, passed on their tax liabilities to their offspring and those individuals might be compromised. It’s either that or there are still operations in place that were initiated in the 1960’s that US citizens and the world writ large would find even more egregious than those already exposed, i.e.. Homeland Security and the NSA.

      1. Leslie, you make an excellent argument to also appeal to republicans to loosen the stranglehold on the TNEC
        investigation records, sealed since 1942, after republicans refused to extend the joint resolution authorizing the investigation because the details resulting from it were embarrassing to the PTB.

        The delay in releasing all related documents you ask about is a political problem, not a classification problem.

        Monday, Apr. 14, 1941
        GOVERNMENT: Twilight of TNEC – TIME
        Quietly last week there passed out of existence the most remarkable Government investigating committee in US history. The Temporary National Economic Committee…

        One of the many firms brought in for questioning was Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. who later employed Prescott Bush, grandfather of U.S. President George W. Bush.

        Many records of the TNEC are still under seal according to the US National Archives:….

        A portion of TNEC records were released.:

        Records of the Temporary National Economic Committee [TNEC]
        Search this Record Group in the National Archives Online Catalog

        (Record Group 144)
        645 cu. ft.

        Overview of Records Locations
        Table of Contents

        144.2 RECORDS OF THE COMMITTEE 1938-41 967 lin. ft. ….


        Established: As a joint Congressional-Executive branch committee, composed of members of both houses of Congress and representatives of several Executive departments and commissions, by joint resolution of Congress, June 16, 1938 (52 Stat. 705). Functions: Studied monopoly and concentration of economic power, and made recommendations for legislation.

        Abolished: April 3, 1941, by expiration of extension granted by joint resolution, December 16, 1940 (54 Stat. 1225). Liquidation deadline of December 31, 1941, set by Additional Urgent Deficiency Appropriation Act of 1941, May 24, 1941 (55 Stat. 200)
        Specific Restrictions: As specified by the SEC, no one, except government officials for official purposes, may have access to records created and filed by the SEC on behalf of the TNEC, except for the following: certain records relating to the insurance study, consisting of replies to formal questionnaires (but not including replies to questionnaires sent to state supervisory officials and replies to the questionnaire of February 9, 1940, to life insurance agents); exhibits, including rate books and form insurance policies; and all conventional-form annual statements.

        Thirteen Families
        Monday, Oct. 28, 1940

        Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission published its report to null a 121-page study of “The Distribution of Ownership in the 200 Largest Non-Financial* Corporations.”…

        …Of an estimated 8,500,000 U. S. stockholders, less than 75,000 (.06% of the population) own fully one-half of all corporate stock held by individuals….

        The 13 most potent family groups’ holdings were worth $2,700,000,000, comprised over 8% of the stock of the 200 corporations:…

        ….» Three groups—Du Fonts, Mellons, Rockefellers—have shareholdings valued at nearly $1,400,000,000, control, directly or indirectly, 15 of the 200 corporations….

        Birch Bayh for President 1976 Campaign Brochure

        …Our economy is at a crucial turning point. The problems of skyrocketing energy and food costs and the inability of the free market to function effectively have led me to conclude that recent policy failures are the result of an outdated view of the American economy. Therefore, I am proposing the establishment of a Temporary National Economic Committee — similar to the Committee established by President Roosevelt in 1938 — to publicly investigate the concentration of economic power in America today….

      2. Leslie, I can think of only one living POTUS who qualifies. He was in Dallas on 11/22/63. In Tyler, 90 miles away at the time of the Assassination per his wife many years later (30+?). But unlike most Americans that day he can’t remember where he was.

          1. Why would GHWB publicly say (once for sure IIRC) that he didn’t remember where he was?

            Any independent corroboration of GHWB’s speech in Tyler at the moment of the assassination, Professor?

  7. As I explain in my recent blog post – Reatoring Oliver Stone’s Mercedes – http://JFKCountercoup.blogspot.com

    When Oliver Stone testified before Congress and was asked what he expected to find in the government’s assassination records he said he didn’t expect a smoking gun document because the most significant records have been purged but compared the files to a Mercedes Benz automobile that was left in Harlum in 1962 and had been stripped of its accessories – but you would still recognize it as a Mercedes and I add that we can still replace the missing pieces to the puzzle.

    We are not waiting for Octobet 2017 but have already begun to restore the official records using a variety of research techniques that will help fill in the missing pieces – and at the very least prove beyond a reasonable doubt and to a legal and moral certainty that one man alone was not responsible for the covert Dealey Plaza intelligence operation that resulted in the murder of the President.

    The release of all the remaining records will be enough to convince any reasonable person that this issue is still a matter of our national security and is not ancient history.

    Bill Kelly

    1. [Bill Kelly wrote:]

      “it’s hard to nail down exactly […] how many pages there are, as some documents contain hundreds of pages. ”

      Hi Bill: You can find out the total number of pages here:


      Just type “POSTPONED IN FULL” in the “Current Status” field. Next, click on “Display Search Results”:

      The total number of pages is displayed at the bottom: 95,082

      Note: Those are the total pages from the 9,718 PiF records according to NARA’s own database.

      FOIA-Ravnitzky did not release 3,603 record numbers. They only released 3,568:


      Furthermore, 19 of them had never postponed to begin with. See them below.

      Therefore, NARA has acknowledged 3,549 documents. If you want to know the number of pages in those, I will make it available.


  8. What’s really depressing is not the Politico story itself but the absolutely insane, ignorant comments over on that site.

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