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What will Biden do about the last of the JFK files?

Come October 26, 2021, President BIden is going to have to make a decision about the last of the U.S. government’s secret JFK files. There’s more than 15,000 of them. Accompanied by jazz drummer, Alan Dale, host of the JFK Facts podcast, I explain what’s going to happen and when.

To download the podcast as an MP3: Click HERE Place cursor on file; RIGHT click and select “Save Audio As.”

Read the transcript.

1 thought on “What will Biden do about the last of the JFK files?”

  1. ALL of the information concerning JFK’s assassination. We the people deserve to have this information. Everyone involved should be named. Hiding the truth is wrong. Everyone involved chose to be involved do not have the right to hide what they did. They can be proud of what they did.

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