What is the most revealing new JFK document you have found?

While working my way through the mass of new JFK documents released (and unreleased) since last October, I have been compiling a list of new and significant items. I have received nominations for important new records from Mark S. and others, and I want to cast the net even wider.

Send me your document or list of documents and we will vote on a “Top 10 New JFK Files.”

You can search the new JFK files at the Mary Ferrell Foundation web site or the Black Vault.

Please include a link to the document, or a PDF of same, along with a brief explanation of its significance. You can email me here.

7 thoughts on “What is the most revealing new JFK document you have found?”

  1. The LIRING-3 documents offer an intimate and accurate potrayal of the asset-handler relationship in Mexico City, and how deep the CIA went to recruit Mexican nationals for their nefarious purposes.


    As Simpich observes in a recent post, these relationships went all the way to the top of the Mexican government. Scroll down to the end of this post for more info on Mexican government-CIA relationships.

    The document in question can be found here:

    1. A prime example are the discrepancies between the Secret Service documents and the FBI documents relating to subjects who were interviewed. Although the Secret Service might have wanted to gloss over some of their shortcomings in protecting JFK, it appears they genuinely wanted to get to the bottom of what actually occurred in Dallas.

      This is in stark contrast to Hoover’s FBI which almost
      immediately concluded that Oswald was the assassin and acted entirely alone. If they received contrary information or the investigation started to lead elsewhere, they quickly shut it down.

  2. Randy Robertson


    Don’t mean to be hard on you but I for one am getting really tired of people questioning the authenticity of the materials. In rebuttal to Cranor I would point out that the FBI tested the film rate on the Nix film and it was 18.5 frames/second. The Zapruder film was tested and ran at 18.3 to 18.5 frames per second. Virtually the same. If we want to see if frames were deleted we actually can compare the two films as they covered these events. Hill jumps onto the rear bumper and his apogee is at 51 frames on the Nix film. This is at frame 336 of the Zapruder film. We can then see when he gets both feet on the bumper, a time interval which covers the area where she questions deletion of frames. Hill gets both of his feet on the bumper at frame 91 on the Nix film or 40 frames after his apogee. We see this at frame 376 of the Zapruder film or 40 frames later, the exact frame interval as on the Nix film. Two cameras filming at the same time with the same frame rate capture the same actions over the same interval therefore no frames are missing. Now we have both wasted time debunking an idiotic claim. Cranor is actually getting kudos on this piece on their website. Be thankful that we don’t have to debunk claims for each and every one of the millions of documents that have been or are to be released.

  3. Randy Robertson

    I find this interesting. You recently posted Comparing the Nix and Zapruder Films which calls into question the authenticity of these films. How would it be if researchers started questioning the authenticity of the documents? You request people to bring forth the most revealing documents but how can you prove that these documents haven’t been altered or tampered with? Where would this lead you? You would have absolutely nothing certain on which to base your work. It seems that people can make wild and illogical claims about alteration of everything EXCEPT when we get to documents. How would you feel if you finally prevailed in Morley Vs the CIA and got all the documents you wanted in unredacted form and then some yokel on the thinnest of pretenses starts immediately questioning their authenticity? Is this the type of pyrrhic victory you want?

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