And Why, By the Way, is Fidel Castro Still Alive?

The General is tired and would like to relax. He has gone up against very powerful adversaries and the struggle has not been easy. Yet he has helped keep both Cuba and Fidel Castro alive and while that is no longer his direct responsibility, he finds it very difficult to put his mind at ease after almost four decades of living on the edge. The General and I are sitting on the ocean-side terrace of the Copacabana Hotel in Havana.

From “And Why, By the Way, Is Fidel Castro Still Alive?” by Gaeton Fonzi 

Exclusively at the Mary Ferrell Foundation

Introduction by Marie Fonzi.

Listen and read: audio and transcripts of Fonzi’s interview with Fabian Escalante.


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  1. “Escalante’s interest in the Kennedy assassination, I later learned, stemmed from his belief that Oswald’s association with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and his visit to Mexico City to obtain a visa to Cuba prior to the assassination were CIA planned ploys to established a link between the Kennedy murder and Fidel Castro. This false link, Escalante figured, was designed to arouse the American people to demand retaliatory action against Castro.”

    – Gaeton Fonzi – 1996
    Mary Ferrell Foundation – Essays – And Why, By the away, Is Fidel Castro Still Live? – The Inside Story of Cuban Intelligence

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