RIP: Muckracker Warren Hinckle dies at 77

“Warren was the godfather of California — and, you could say, national — progressive journalism,” said David Talbot, whose book, “Season of the Witch,” details the tumultuous history of San Francisco from the 1960s to the early ’80s. “As a newsman, he just loved the ’60s as a story, with all its weirdness, from the Black Panthers to hippies in the Haight to the Kennedy assassination. No publication caught it better than Ramparts — it led directly to publications like Rolling Stone, Mother Jones and Salon,” the Web magazine Talbot co-founded in 1995.

Source: Muckraking SF journalist Warren Hinckle dies at 77 – SFGate

2 thoughts on “RIP: Muckracker Warren Hinckle dies at 77”

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  2. I was reading this article earlier about Warren Hinckle and Ramparts magazine on Counterpunch:

    Hinckle also wrote a book with William Turner called Deadly Secrets on the CIA/Mafia plots against Castro:


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