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  1. The Power Elite/Deep State had Kennedy whacked. The CIA was involved- they sent their “mechanics”to Dallas to do the hit.In spite of Marchetti’s efforts, this has been kept secret for all these years- truly amazing.

  2. Don, when one looks at which TSBD employees were closest to the alleged “sniper’s nest” on Nov. 23, 1963, (gleaned from WC testimony), one finds that Jack Dougherty moved between the 5th floor near the steps and elevators, and the 6th floor near the Southwest windows. Curiously, Jack Dougherty came down to the first floor, according to one version of his testimony, stating to Eddie Piper, that he (Dougherty) only heard one shot, which sounded like it came from inside the building. Roy Truly, TSBD supervisor, vouched for Dougherty stating that Jack Dougherty was mentally retarded; yet Dougherty had keys to the building, was responsible for opening the building, checking on the building’s boiler system, and the security system. While some (WC staff attorneys and researchers) suspect that Dougherty may have had an active part either in the assassination, or framing Oswald, such views remain conjecture. Still, Dougherty’s inexplicable behavior, both during and after JFK’s murder, heightens the possibility that Oswald was set up by parties inside the TSBD, as no one saw any “strangers” in the building on November 22, 1963. Regarding Victor Marchetti, his foray into the JFK saga revolved around a Liberty Lobby article published in 1978. That article, “CIA to nail HUNT for Kennedy Killing” prompted contentious litigation by Hunt, against Liberty Lobby. Hunt lost on Liberty Lobby’s appeal. At least one of Marchetti’s sources turned out to include Allen Dulles (Warren Commissioner). Oddly, Marchett, the author of this intriguing article, never was called to testify, or deposed under oath. In retrospect, one must question Marchetti’s motive, and his depth of involvement with his “high-ranking CIA sources.” It is notable that Marchetti’s article appears during the HSCA’s JFK investigation. Previous to Marchetti’s article, he had, in 1969, resigned from the CIA. His experiences in the CIA were compiled in the novel “The Rope-Dancer” that was published in 1971. He then began work with John Marks on a book about the need to reform the CIA entitled, “The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence,” completed in 1973. The Association of Retired Intelligence Officers (ARIO) seems to allow former CIA employees to remain in contact with former employees, and also the CIA. That Marchetti actively received information from former CIA Director, Allen Dulles, and other high-ranking CIA members, given credibility to the saying “once CIA, always CIA.” The other interesting fact of Hunt’s lawsuit is that notable assassination researcher, Mark Lane, defended Liberty Lobby’s “Spotlight,” a right-wing conservative publication. Personally, I think Marchetti was “contracted” by the CIA to target Hunt for retaliation, for Hunt’s extortion of Nixon AND the CIA for Hunt’s silence during the Watergate Scandal. The incongruity of buying Hunt’s silence during Watergate indicated that Hunt’s silence was unrelated to Watergate, and more related to Nixon’s, the CIA’s, and the Mob’s assassination plots against Castro. Where others who possessed such knowledge were killed, Hunt apparently used some information as leverage, and remained alive. Prior to his death in 2007, age 89, Hunt declared he was a “benchwarmer” (a sports player who does not get selected to play; a substitute) in the JFK assassination. By his admission and use of this specific word, Hunt admits that JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy and that he knew in advance of the killing.

  3. The photograph by news photographer Thomas Dillard of the Texas School Book Depository Building, taken less than thirty seconds after the last shot was fired in Dealey Plaza, shows not one, but TWO men [neither of which are LHO] in the window adjacent to the alleged “sniper’s nest” window, located only two feet away (actually, it is part of the same structural frame work as the “nest).
    I made this discovery public about one year ago, while trying to use FRPs, (facial recognition programs) to identify the man facing the window! I have to add that due to the height of the man to the right of the window, person facing the window ( looks considerably like Howard Hunt! ) I believe to be standing on a box of books, peering out and down at the crowd forming below!at
    My understanding was that a great deal of “strange activity” occurred in the TSBD Building all within a very short time from the assassination.
    For one: Power was “disturbed” to the building at about the exact time of, or immediately following, the murder of the President! dm

  4. Recently, while reading up on LHO’s call to Raleigh, N.C., someone asked Victor Marchetti for his take on why LHO would place such a call. Marchetti, a former assistant to the Deputy Director of Plans, CIA, stated that Naggs Head, 194 miles from Raleigh, N.C., was where the Military maintained a training facility dealing with false defectors to Russia. LHO attempted to contact Mr. John Hurt in the Raleigh (919) area code. Marchetti also commented that it was customary for persons in spycraft to use a “cut-out,” when attempting to contact their handler. LHO attempted to place this call to Mr. Hurt on November 23, 1963. The switchboard operator was instructed, by agents of the government, to inform LHO, there was no answer. In truth, the call was never placed. Years later, researchers discovered that Mr. Hurt had connections to US intelligence. Hurt’s widow alleges that Mr. Hurt got drunk, then placed the call to the Dallas jail, from Raleigh, N.C., on 11/23/63 to speak with Oswald. Oswald may have been innocently returning the call to determine why Hurt called. More regarding this incident can be gleaned at https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article180610706.html; and https://indyweek.com/.

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