Coming soon: Blakey v. Willens JFK debate at the Sixth Floor Museum

On October 29:

“Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness a riveting conversation between Howard P. Willens of the Warren Commission and G. Robert Blakey of the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations. For the first time ever, these key members will appear together to publicly discuss the context and findings of the two crucial government investigations into the death of President John F. Kennedy.”

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3 thoughts on “Coming soon: Blakey v. Willens JFK debate at the Sixth Floor Museum”

  1. I attended the conference and it was terrible. Willens was extremely rude to Blakey and used such devastating logic as ” They never found another rifle” in his feeble support of the Warren Commission. Blakey on his part was more cordial but still believes that there was a shot from the Grassy Knoll which missed. He promotes a 95%+ probability of such a shot while seemingly not knowing that in promoting this none of the other shots synchronize with the Zapruder film. Blakey did bring up how the HSCA was subverted by Joanidides and the CIA. The best question from the audience was when someone asked how they felt about Dulles knowing about the CIA plots to kill Castro but not informing any of the other members of the Warren Commission. Willens, understandingly, really didn’t have much of a response. I left the presentation slightly early in disgust.Interestingly there were a lot more women at this presentation as opposed to the many non Sixth Floor conferences I have been to where they are in the distinct minority.

  2. Save your $25. Blakey and Willens, peas of the same pod. I’m sure Blakey back tracked: Covering his ass. Never mind he sabotaged the HSCA. He ignored Groden’s autopsy photo input, refused to challenge David Phillips and then wrote a book saying the mafia did it. Booo!

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