What Trump and the CIA are still concealing: the George Joannides files

You can read more here about Morley v. CIA, the lawsuit that uncovered the Joannides story and why it matters.


  1. Jeff says:

    I actually just viewed the clip with FOX News … it’s great that you are out “there” already in the Major News realm. FOX News even presented a picture of Joannides …. now that is what I call a full-court-press. Great work!!

    Maybe you can convince Blakey that it’s time now for him to step-up and continue to teach. A Notre Dame Law Professor (even a former one) has a duty to Average Americans to explain what happened during the HSCA investigation. He and his investigation teams must tell their stories now to the public (not just the court) and connect it for us to the files that Trump literally is holding in his hands.


  2. Mark Bresnahan says:

    Reading The Ghost. Thank you for hard work on all this. I am a big “student” on the assassination and appreciate. Will be picking up the Win Scott book when I get thru. Thanks again. Mark

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