After Oswald was shot, Dallas police blocked Secret Service agent from talking to him

From the recent obituary of Thomas Kelly, Secret Service officer in Dallas.

Oswald dying
After being shot, Lee Oswald is taken to an ambulance.

he attended four interrogations of Lee Harvey Oswald held at the Dallas Police Department, three on Nov. 23 and another on Nov. 24, 1963.

In testimony included in the commission’s report, Kelley also said he was at the police station when Oswald was shot.

“When we heard that he had been shot, we immediately went down to the basement. Oswald was still in the basement. The ambulance had been backed in to take him to the hospital,” Kelley testified. “I attempted to enter the ambulance with Oswald to go to the hospital. I was prevented from getting into the ambulance by the Dallas policemen who got into the ambulance with him.”



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  1. Is heart massage the correct treatment when someone is bleeding internally from a gunshot wound. Wouldn’t this increase the blood flow and cause Oswald to bleed out?

  2. Detectives Leavelle, Graves and Burgess along with Frederick Beiberdorf, a 4th year medical student who was on duty as a first aid attendant stationed in the basement together with the ambulance driver and his assistant rode in the ambulance that transferred Oswald to Parkland.

    According to Beiberdorf, he initially thought Oswald had expired but continued heart massage and used an oxygen cup resuscitator on the way to the hospital. About 5 blocks from Parkland Oswald began thrashing, resisting Beiberdorf’s efforts of massaging and attempted to remove the oxygen resuscitator from over his mouth.

    Detective Leavelle was in the rear of the ambulance on Beiberdorf’s immediate left. The other two detectives were in a seat immediately behind the front seat which was occupied by the ambulance driver and his assistant.

    1. Matching the claim Oswald at first appeared to be dead in the ambulance: Jim Leavelle said Oswald was conscious for about 30 seconds after he was shot. Leavelle kept asking him “Lee, do you have anything to tell me? Lee, do you have anything to confess?” Oswald appeared to be eyes open, alert, and thinking but decided to not disclose any last words, then went unconscious. From Bieberdorf’s report Oswald’s physiology evidently had some in extremis reserves to draw on for one last temporary revival rally.

  3. Jeff – just a fyi I copied this from the Black Vault

    The Documents Withheld

    This “withheld” list was released via the FOIA to The Black Vault in FOIA Case #NARA-NGC-2018-000072.

    It shows 22,933 Documents totaling 442,606 Pages are being withheld, though the list needs clarification.

    According to NARA: “We conducted a search and were able to locate an EXCEL spreadsheet that lists everything that has not been released since December 15th, 2017 (the last release date). We are releasing this document if full with no redactions. The spreadsheet lists the JFK record number, the decision, the file number, document date, number of pages, and the origination agency.”

    However, upon investigation, NARA also listed the entire set of PARTIALLY released records, along with those completely withheld. Digging deeper, and with the help and verification of Jimmy Falls of the news agency WhoWhatWhy we came up with the same numbers, using two entirely different methods.

    It confirms there are 3,082 Documents, totaling 217,114 Pages that are not yet released to the public. We cross referenced the list below, with the master NARA list of released documents, and came up with the same exact conclusion and both verified these numbers. I then called NARA on the telephone on 1/30/2018 to confirm — and they informed me that these records are in the process of being reviewed through April of 2018 for possible release. Although more than 2,200 of the 3,082 should already be online, I told her that I believed they were not, and NARA recommended to wait until at least April of 2018, as more documents are reviewed, released and organized.

  4. That quote from Kelley comes from the HSCA and conflicts with an earlier statement he gave the WC. At that time Kelley said he tried to get into a cruiser that was going to follow the ambulance but was prevented from getting into that vehicle.

    Kelley never claimed that he was prevented from “talking with Oswald.” As Kelley and others reported, Oswald was unconscious from the time he was shot until he was declared dead after surgery.

    Last paragraph here:

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