Trump caves to CIA on JFK files secrecy

As a lot of researchers predicted, President Trump has failed to deliver on his tweet promise of October 26. “All JFK files released ahead of schedule,” he said back then.

From today’s National Archives press release about the JFK files, we learn the reality: thousands of JFK files are still secret and and their release is now way behind schedule–three years behind.

Trump six months ago.

Trump today:

The President has determined that all information that remains withheld under section 5 must be reviewed again before October 26, 2021 to determine whether continued withholding from disclosure is necessary.

Source: New Group of JFK Assassination Documents Available to the Public | National Archives

4 thoughts on “Trump caves to CIA on JFK files secrecy”

  1. I am very disappointed in Donald Trump. I being someone who actually believes the only way to free our country is to face the lies. Trump? WTF

  2. Jeff,
    That was a pretty low key release. I didn’t see it online. I had to go to JFK Facts to find out if it happened.
    It’s unbelievable that the Feds keep up this nonsense. There has to be something they are hiding considering all of the time required to review the files. I hope we find more clues in the latest release.

  3. Exactly what I thought would happen. Those secrets will NEVER be revealed. Its was truly a “coup de tat”. Johnson’s refusal (the only ever in US history) is proof enough for anyone w/ any degree of intelligence. He knew he’d be the next one murdered if he did accept the democratic nomination.

  4. Yes, today’s big important news from the President was about his lawyer handling his prostitute claim and his VA appointment being shelved. No questions from MSM about files older than 50 years. Whose government is this?

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