3 thoughts on “Top 10 JFK books of 2015”

  1. I’ve got Chessboard and Where Angels Tread Lightly, wish I could read them all, esp. Dr. Scott, Dallas, 1963. I’m on the fence about Prayer Man. I just read Dallas 1963 by Minutagligo and Davis. Good about Walker and Bruce Alger, weak on Oswald did it alone.
    After reading it I’m surprised the Walker book is on this list.

  2. For us ROKCers it is a major honour to be present on this list along with all these heavy weight authors.
    Not only Greg Parker’s Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War Vols and 2. But also Stan Dane’s book Prayer Man: Out of the Shadows and into the Light and the mention of my film (in a book list no less!) Only The Shadow Knows: Prayer Man, More Than Just A Fuzzy Picture.
    Thanks ever so much Rex Bradford! Keep up the great work at the MFF Archives

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