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John Kirsch – January 2

Let me ask this: How many of the people who write comments on this site, often on complex topics, have had articles on 11/22 published by reputable outlets that vetted the article before it was published?

And if anyone has had articles published by reputable outlets, how were those articles received?
Comments on websites, posts on personal blogs and self-published books don’t count.
What, in other words, are the actual credentials that people have that allow them to make authoritative pronouncements on highly technical matters?
My guess is that few if any of the people who comment on this site have any real credentials at all. And that few if any have had articles on 11/22 published by respected outlets.
Which means, in all honesty, that most of the comments are mere wool gathering, despite the writer’s efforts to dress up his/her words as authoritative pronouncements.

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