Three Congressmen seek White House meeting on JFK files

Rep. Jim McGovern
Rep, Jim McGovern (D-Mass) Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Expressing concern about the delay in the release of thousands of secret JFK assassination files, three Congressmen are seeking a meeting with “the appropriate Executive Branch official with knowledge and relevant information of the decision to postpone the release of the remaining records.”

Reps. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn), Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and JIm McGovern (D-Mass.) signed a March 29 letter to President Biden saying it was “imperative that the remaining documents be released as soon as possible.”

Last October 22, Biden announced that federal agencies would miss the deadline set by President Trump in 2017 to release all government records related to Kennedy’s assassination because of the pandemic. When the Washington Post asked me for comment, I suggested “the COVID dog ate my homework” excuse was pretty lame at this late date.

The CIA and other federal agencies were supposed to release all JFK records in October 2017, the deadline set by Congress in the 1992 JFK Records Act. Five years later that still hasn’t happened.

Early last year, the National Archives said that it had 15,834 JFK documents in the that contain redactions, about 5 percent of 319,000-plus records in the collection. Last December 15, the National Archives fully declassified 1,492 of those records, leaving 14,342 JFK documents that are still partially classified. Most of these records were generated by the CIA.

Among the most heavily redacted CIA files are those of Birch O’Neal, the senior counterintelligence officer who opened the Agency’s first file on accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald; J. Walton Moore, the chief CIA resident in Dallas in 1963, who knew Oswald before Kennedy was kiled, a fact that was concealed from the American public; and David Atlee Phillips who participated in the pre-assassination surveillance of Oswald and had trouble keeping his Oswald stories straight later in life.

6 thoughts on “Three Congressmen seek White House meeting on JFK files”

  1. Diligent piece of research into the cover-up and obstruction of evidence pertaining to pre-knowledge of the plot to kill President Kennedy. The element that relates to the Lisbon – Tangiers communication is extremely important because this holds up, very strongly, the French Connection, which was virulently aborted by the History Channel, after “the Men Who Killed Kennedy”, had provided such excellent information on the Corsican Marfia’s involvement. The main link here is Meyer Lansky, who thanks to the HSCA, we now know was tied into Jack Ruby. They both were involved in gun running to Israel via Cuba. Anthony Summers, in his book, “the Kennedy Conspiracy”, mentions that the anti-Castro group identified that “they were now working for the Jews”. Lansky had been kept out of the organised crime’s involvement but was now squarely in the middle, courtesy of Michel Collins Piper, “the Final Judgement”, and David Christensen knowing the names of the Organised Crime leaders and Yitzhak Rabin ‘s wife letting us know her husband was in Dallas on the day of the big event. This Kirknewton incident and cover-up nails the US Military as important members of the conspiracy.

  2. Until they actually are released, I believe it’s safe to see the CIA as having a lead role in the assassination. 1)-its refusal to release ALL documents when they are called to do so, 2) _former CIA Director Allen Dulles’ service on the Warren Commission, and 3)-LBJ’s knowledge of public servants in the CIA(Dulles himself being one-why did he agree to name Dulles as a Commission member??

  3. Thanks ,Steve Cohen (Dem. Tenn) , Anna Eshoo ( Dem.Calif ), and Jim Mcgovern ( Dem. Mass.) Glad to see some people with real GUTS speak up on the J.F.K.files. I wish there were some more people with real guts joining you. Written by G.W.Hicks

  4. Lawrence P. Schnapf

    If any of the readers are constitutents of these representatives, ask them to contact Carolyn Maloney, chair of the House Oversight Committee, and request that she hold an oversight hearing on the failure of the executive branch to comply with the JFK Records Act.

  5. Ernest Martinson

    Could President Biden fear the assassination of another Catholic president if he releases the JFK assassination files. Not likely but who knows.
    I feared the assassination of Trump before he was inaugurated based on his then rocky relationship with the military-intelligence establishment.

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