The CIA and Watergate: ‘An eye-opening investigation’

Publishers Weekly raves about Scorpions’ Dance, my forthcoming book on the CIA and Watergate, including its revelations about the JFK assassination story.

President Nixon and CIA Director Richard Helms.

Morley details how Helms worked with Nixon to escalate the Vietnam War and prevent Chilean president Salvador Allende from taking office after his 1970 election. Morley also documents Helms’s involvement in the downplaying of the CIA’s “pre-assassination knowledge” of Lee Harvey Oswald, the killing of Chilean general René Schneider, and the surveillance of U.S. citizens involved in the antiwar movement…. Packed with lucid analyses of complex geopolitical events, this is a vital reconsideration of recent American history.

Publishers Weekly on Scorpions’ Dance: The President, the Spymaster, and Watergate

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