‘There was nothing rogue’ about the CIA’s Bill Harvey

When people ask ‘Who killed Kennedy?’ one plausible answer is William King Harvey, a tough and much-praised CIA officer in 1963. In the most popular video ever on JFK Facts  Harvey’s widow, CG Harvey, says on camera that JFK and Jackie were “scum.”

Bill agreed. In Salon.comDavid Talbot, author of The Devil’s Chessboard, unpacks the documentary record of Bill Harvey’s role in the events of 1963:

All the stories that came spilling out of the agency about Harvey’s wild ways—his love of guns, his fondness for birdbath-size martinis, his eruptions of black fury at the Kennedys—they were all meant to show that he was the type who could blow his top and do anything. But Harvey’s consistently glowing CIA fitness reports tell a different story. There was nothing rogue about Bill Harvey in these pages—he was portrayed as a dedicated and highly valued professional. Even after Harvey had enraged Bobby Kennedy with his Cuban antics, he continued to win enthusiastic reviews from his superiors. “It is difficult to prepare a fitness report on this outstanding officer, largely because forms do not lend themselves to measuring his many unique characteristics,” began Harvey’s October 1962 report, which cited his “professional knowledge . . . toughness of mind and firmness of attitude.”

Source: Inside the plot to kill JFK: The secret story of the CIA and what really happened in Dallas – Salon.com



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