The message in the Kennedy Kards

The now poignant Kennedy Kards deck was published in early 1963 when the public infatuation with JFK had been revitalized by his statesmanship in the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962.

JFK was the Jack of Hearts, First Lady Jackie the Queen of Hearts, and Bobby Kennedy, the King of Diamonds.

“Long live the King, Queen and Jack,” proclaimed an informational card that came with the deck.

Within the year, the Jack of Clubs, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, would be president.

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  1. JSA says:

    The Ace of Spades was also Jack.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Jack of Hearts is appropriate.

    I’ve been convinced for years the reason Bobby and Jackie did not push hard publicly for a better investigation is that they didn’t want his sexual indiscretions revealed (or Bobby’s either).

    The plotters knew this in advance. It was key to the cover-up.

    No matter who pulled the triggers, the plotters were highly skilled insiders; they had to be to know in advance how the pieces would fall into place.

  3. Eric Hollingsworth says:

    When I saw the Jackie as the Queen of Hearts, I blurted out “Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.” Scary.

    • Manchurian Candidate:

      The cold war, the JFK assassination and the precipice of nuclear annihilation played out in real life & movies at the same time: “Seven Days in May” parallel to the JFK assassination; “Dr. Strangelove” a parody apparently is based on both Henry Kissinger and Curtis LeMay, etc.

      • Eric Hollingsworth says:

        “Dr. Strangelove” was actually a rewrite of the novel, “Red Alert,” a much more sober rendering that doesn’t include such characters as Major Batguano (“You’re gonna havta answer to the Coca-Cola company”).

    • Eric Hollingsworth says:

      Of course, it was the Queen of Diamonds that so plagued Raymond Shaw. There is considerable evidence that Richard Condon was a serial plagiarist.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Johnson is portrayed as an observant, scheming, oil-connected insider.

    One thing that’s always puzzled me: Why did LBJ on 31 March 1968 announce he wasn’t going to run again? As a law student, I took his action as a sign of personal defeat in Viet Nam.

    Maybe I was right. But in his final years in Texas, he went downhill badly. Not, I believe, because he felt he was responsible for a lot of deaths in Viet Nam. Rather, I’ve believed, because he knew he achieved the presidency illegally.

    • Eric Hollingsworth says:

      Well, to be fair, he’s also sporting some longhorns and it’s not unusual for a state to be portrayed by its major industries.

      He got hammered in the 1968 New Hampshire primary. I think that’s why he bowed out of the presidential race. His “nor will I accept the nomination” was probably face-saving.

      According to “Farewell America,” RFK’s assassination took a lot out of him.

      • Jonathan says:

        The plotters knew LBJ would go along with “LHO did it.”
        LBJ was a natural fit for the presidency.

        • Eric Hollingsworth says:

          LBJ was manipulable for a variety of reasons. He was also coarse and callous. Nevertheless, he kept JFK’s national security team intact (“I need you more than he did”).

          He also pushed through more civil rights and anti-poverty legislation than JFK could have been expected to do.

          I see Vietnam as LBJ’s inability or unwillingness to take as strong a stand against hawkish elements as JFK would have done. Still, he didn’t come to loggerheads with the Soviet Union over Cuba or Latin America.

          I really don’t think LBJ was such a bad stick. Perhaps his ultimate level of competence was ruling over the U.S. Senate. And he might not have been the greatest representative of the American People that we have ever known. But, like J. Edgar Hoover, although he might not have loved JFK and although he was saddled with flaws, I don’t think he would have been down with the murder of a U.S. president.

      • I didn’t read Farewell America, but I wonder how RFK’s death took a lot out of LBJ. Didn’t the two hate each other?

    • Lyndon Johnson on 3/31/68 was at 38% approval rating; 8 more points down and you are getting at impeachment levels. LBJ was going to lose the general election and probably lose the Democratic primary to Robert Kennedy.

      RFK was assassinated in June, 1968 … after LBJ withdrew from the race. And the first thing LBJ does is to secretly support Nelson Rockefeller for president (Dallek, “Flawed Giant,” p. 545). There are many people unaware of the close ties of LBJ & Nelson Rockefeller; and it is a critical thing to understand.

      LBJ simply could not handle the humiliation of losing. LBJ quit because:

      1)Loss of popularity (approval ratings in the 30s)
      2)Loss of leadership of the party (there were many challenges to the sitting president)
      3)Loss of confidence due to failing health (from high stress and years of heavy smoking)

      Lyndon Johnson was also a mental basketcase – on and off for years, he was nutty as a fruitcake, a dangerous almost insane psychopath.

      Let’s see what McGeorge Bundy had to say about Johnson.

      ArthurSchlesinger, “Journals:”

      January 15 1971

      Last night I spoke at the annual dinner of the Century. I sat next to Mac Bundy and we discussed, among other things, the Khrushchev memoirs. I remarked on the curious resemblance between Khrushchev’s account of the life around Stalin – the domineering and obsessive dictator, the total boredom of the social occasions revolving around him, the horror when invited to attend and the even greater horror when not invited – and Albert Speer’s account of the life around Hitler. Mac said, “When I read Khrushchev, I was reminded of something else in addition – my last days in the White House with LBJ.”

      [Schlesinger, Journals, p. 333]

      • Russ Tarby says:

        Robert’s comment about LBJ supporting Nelson Rockefeller certainly fits the theories laid out so well by Donald Gibson in his two books and more recently by David Talbot’s excellent expose of Allen Dulles.
        Rockefeller’s $$ interests in the Third World were severely threatened by JFK’s anti-colonial foreign policy.
        And both Gibson and Talbot make strong cases that the WC was set up at the specific behest of the Eastern Establishment which, of course, included the Rockefeller family.

    • Jonathan, it could well have been he felt personal defeat in Vietnam, but I also think he felt that if 42% of the voters in New Hampshire went against him, the rest of the way towards a re-nominatin would have been quite difficult for him.

      • Ramon F Herrera says:

        [Robert Morrow:]

        “Lyndon Johnson on 3/31/68 was at 38% approval rating; 8 more points down and you are getting at impeachment levels.”


        Based on what crime? Lack of popularity?

        • Ramon F Herrera says:

          Highest Approval Rating Lowest Approval Rating

          Obama 76% 39%
          Bush (G.W.) 92% 19%
          Clinton 73% 36%
          Bush (G.H.W.) 89% 29%
          Reagan 68% 35%
          Carter 75% 28%
          Ford 74% 37%
          Nixon 67% 23%

        • When a president drops to 30% approval, he has obviously ticked off a huge slice of Americans. He is in danger of being impeached on a pretext at that point whether or not he committed a (major) crime.

          Clinton got impeached in 1998. Nixon was on the track towards being impeached when he headed off that train by resigning in 1974.

  5. Let’s have Jack Ruby as the King of Clubs(as he was the owner of the Carousel Club).

  6. MDG says:

    Was Johnson not afraid if he was involved that eventually this would be found out.
    How could he be sure his involvement would come out in 50 or 100 years.

    Was he not afraid of the judgement of history.

    Yes this would be after his death but what would be the point of gaining the Presidency and eventually found to be a killer.

  7. MDG says:

    Johnson did have one of the strongest motives to get rid of JFK as he was going to be dropped from the Ticket and he was looking at going to prison.

    Johnson also benefited the most from the Kennedy Assasination in that he finally attained the Presidency.

    It has never been clear or convincing as to Oswald’s motives. Oswald also had a very tight “window of time” to shoot the President. It also was a bad idea to shootm from the Sixth Floor as men were working on the floor. It would have made more sense to shoot from the Seventh Floor.

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Johnson and Oswald’s motives were to follow orders. Johnson to save his ass from prosecution. Oswald, because that’s what Marine’s do.

  8. MDG says:

    I have recently viewed again Seven Days in May.

    It is a very cynical look at a planned military coup in the U S.

    Couldnt happen here…….. but we know the Military was in charge at the JFK Autopsy.

    We hear on the AF1 Tapes that it was so very,very important for General Curtis Lemay to return from Canada for the Autopsy.

    Vietanm was also escalated after 11/22/63.

    What cane after the Assassination also provides clues as to those who were seeking to benefit from the Ambush in Dallas.

    I have always thought it noteworthy that LBJ didnt run in 1968 making an opening for Nixon.

    LBJ was severely comprimsed after participating in the Coverup.

    Watergate. I have read Nixon felt the CIA got rid of him. It was a setup.

    Who were the members of the Secret Government running the U S A Government after Dallas.

    There were also more political assassinations after 63.

    And what kind of country do we live in now?

    Where is this all leading with a possible Trump Presidency?


    • SLogan says:

      Couldnt happen here…….. but we know the Military was in charge at the JFK Autopsy.

      Not a surprise considering it was in a Naval Hospital

      We hear on the AF1 Tapes that it was so very,very important for General Curtis Lemay to return from Canada for the Autopsy.

      He didn’t assist ,so what are you getting at?

      Vietnam was also escalated after 11/22/63.

      Yes it was.

      What cane after the Assassination also provides clues as to those who were seeking to benefit from the Ambush in Dallas.

      You didn’t specify what is what.

      I have always thought it noteworthy that LBJ didnt run in 1968 making an opening for Nixon.

      He wouldn’t have won even if he did run.

      LBJ was severely compromised after participating in the Cover-up.

      Could you point out/ list/ prove where when and how he “participated”?

      Watergate. I have read Nixon felt the CIA got rid of him. It was a setup.

      Yes the CIA was stetting the groundwork for the future Carter presidency.

      Who were the members of the Secret Government running the U S A Government after Dallas.

      To follow your “we are not alone” theme , wouldn’t this Secret Government have been running the U.S. before Dallas?

      There were also more political assassinations after 63.

      And what kind of country do we live in now?

      Despite it’s flaws, a damn great one.

      Where is this all leading with a possible Trump Presidency?

      Why would this matter if there is a Secret Government running things?


  9. MDG says:

    Doctors are in charge at an autopsy.

    Dont you find it unusual that the Military were in charge at JFK’s Autopsy in Bethseda? Even at a Naval Hospital.

    The Doctors were also ordered not to dissect JFK’s wounds.

    The law was not followed at JFK’s Autopsy at Bethseda Naval Hospital.

    SLogan………..Are you proud of that as an American? Dont you instead find it to be a flagrant abuse of power by the Military just hours after the Assassination.

    This was Crime of the Century….it was to be expected.

    This was not a perfect crime.

    There was something very wrong going on in Bethseda.

    Some believe An Autopsy Before the Autopsy occurred in Bethseda.

    Body Alteration.

    Doctors in Bethseda and at Parkland had different interpretations of JFKs wounds.

    It is so very, very strange that General Curtis Lemay flew across the continent to be there for the Autopsy.

    That was at the very least very disrespectful for LeMay to have been chomping on a cigar during the JFK Autopsy.

    Others have also made connections between 1/22/63 and Watergate.

    One connection is E Howard Hunt.

    LBJ, Nixon & the Military Industrial Complex (as in Vietnam) benefited from Kennedy’s Elimination.

    It is theoretically possible the whole 10+ year period after 63 including Nixon’s resignation is connected by JFK’s Murder and Coup d’Etat!

  10. MDG says:

    Dr. Pierre Finck testified at the Clay Shaw Trial that pathologists were not allowed to dissect the wounds at the JFK Autopsy as they would on any bum shot up on the street.

    Finck also testified the Military were in charge.

    This was a flagrant breaking of U S Law regarding autopsies of gunshot victims.

    This was also a flagrant attempt to hide evidence, and was a lost opportunity to determine definitively how many shots and from what direction.

    Curtis LeMay also famously blew smoke in the face of someone who asked him to extinguish it at the Autopsy.

    LeMay also flew south across the continent from Wiarton, Ontario in Canada to Washington to attend the JFK Autopsy. Why?

    This is referenced in the AF1 Tapes that were nearly all lost to history.

    All very suspicious.

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