The Mary Ferrell Foundation breaks down the new JFK files

Rex Bradford of the Mary Ferrell Foundation gives guidance what has–and has not–been made public in the JFK files.

On April 26, 2018, the National Archives released over 19,000 additional documents, pursuant to the 6-month deadline given when the White House authorized continued withholding last October. Here are some facts about this release:

Bradford has data on where the documents came from

13,591 CIA files
15 DIA files
9 State Dept files
3,632 FBI files
29 NSA files
277 Church Cmte files
4 USIA files
22 NARA files
30 LBJ Lib files
54 Rock Comm files
71 Rock Comm files
30 DOJ files
725 HSCA files
9 INSCOM files
6 OSD files
4 USA files
55 Army files
32 JCS files

If you want to advance the JFK story in 2018, tick a record group, read all the files on Black Vault, and send me short summary of what they tell us with links and/or PDFs to relevant documents.

Source: Mary Ferrell Foundation on the 2017-2018 JFK Document Releases

1 thought on “The Mary Ferrell Foundation breaks down the new JFK files”

  1. It is interestlng to see that the CIA files greatly exceed the total of other agencies files. Whether pre or post assassination, they were certainly very involved in the investigation. Why the intense interest in the case? And the agency “influenced” the press for decades to print articles favorable to CIA’s position on various facts the case versus the researchers, as has been well documented. Not a coincidence, in my opinion.

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