New JFK documents fill in some blanks and leave many others

The latest release of JFK files includes more than 15,000 documents that still have redactions. What is the CIA still hiding?

“The past 25 years have taught us much more about the cover up than the crime itself, in particular the ways in which scary but false information about Lee Harvey Oswald created what might be termed a national security cover up,” said Rex Bradford, president of the Mary Ferrell Foundation, which runs a searchable online archive of JFK assassination documents.

Source: New JFK docs fill in blanks on events around assassination | McClatchy Washington Bureau

2 thoughts on “New JFK documents fill in some blanks and leave many others”

  1. The McClatchy Report is full of lies. There is no proof that Oswald met with a KGB officer. Oswald was IMPERSONATED in Mexico City to look like a Soviet spy. That fact alone proves the conspiracy. How disappointing that Morley would post a link to that article as if it told the truth. The implication of Tony Veciana’s disclosure was that Oswald was CIA, not that he was a Soviet agent.

    Listen to Vince Salandria’s interview of 20 years ago. He wraps up the whole conspiracy in a nutshell and states clearly that Oswald was a patsy and shot no one. As Vince states, it is up to us all to investigate this crime ourselves. That is patriotism.

    Please let readers see this evidence.

  2. I think it’s true what they’ve said. There’s a lot of stuff that would be embarrassing to people alive. Those being the Bush family, the LBJ family (especially), Porter Goss, and others. Doesn’t mean it’s right to withhold them, but the deep state protects its own.

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