The Irrelevance of Jim Garrison’s Homophobia

When Lyndon Johnson told aide Marvin Watson in April 1967 that he thought the CIA had something do with Kennedy’s assassination, was he influenced by Garrison’s homophobia? No. He was speaking from long experience as a power broker at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Source: JFK Revisited: Oliver Stone and the New JFK Fact Pattern –

2 thoughts on “The Irrelevance of Jim Garrison’s Homophobia”

  1. Garrison’s homophobia was relevant regarding a study of the case he brought against Clay Shaw. That is what Long argues and what her book is about. What is irrelevant is Morley’s continued attacks against Long using false arguments. Such as she promotes the long gunman theory-wrong. Her book offers no theory and is indeed not about the assassination per se. Morley should apologize to Long and stop these silly and false attacks.

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