‘A terrific book weaving together so many different threads’

From Peter Hillman of LewRockwell.Com.

The Ghost by Jefferson Morley




“Morley uses all his wits and journalist’s skills (and the substantial knowledge from his excellent biography of Mexico City CIA Chief Winston Scott) and gets probably as close as one can get to the make-up of this “neurotic maniac.””

3 thoughts on “‘A terrific book weaving together so many different threads’”

  1. Jeff Morley….have you ever inquired about the connection between Allen Welsh Dulles and his inclusion in the Warren Commission even after him and his entourage, including Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell Jr. and Deputy Director Charles Cabell, were forced by JFK to resign from the CIA on November 28, 1961? Ever consider that he(they) may have had a major role in the CIA coverup regarding the JFK assasination and the role of Oswald and his connection to the CIA? Perhaps Dulles, Bissell, and Cabell were disgruntled about being forced out by the President, but still maintained an allegiance to and influence on the CIA? Perhaps they had some involvement in the manipulation of Oswald and were involved in more than just the coverup??? What are your thoughts?

    1. Jeff Provençal: You raise some valid points. THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD by David Talbot addresses your speculation about Allen Dulles being part of the plot against JFK. In his latest book, COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS, John Newman states unequivocally that Angleton sent a witting Oswald to the Soviet Union on a mole hunt. You may catch several lectures on YouTube by Newman and Talbot. All medical evidence proves that JFK was killed by two shots from the front and that the autopsy was a sham. Watch Doug Horne’s six-hour lecture on YouTube about the the autopsy. You might want to revisit the Garrison case in ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS; he essentially solved the murder in 1968 when he claimed that Oswald was innocent and stated that “I knew I was dancing with the CIA.” I was in college when Kennedy was killed and remember that few at that time believed the Warren Commission. I find it extremely sad that we are still arguing about the truth after all these years. Research Operation Mockingbird. The CIA still controls the news.

  2. robert e williamson jr

    I finished your book. Great writing.

    I’m not changing my mind about what happened anytime soon.

    I do wonder about the temper of you statements supporting the Israeli condition. You come through as being pro Israel.

    Based on the history of the last 67 years we could save a fortune by disbanding CIA and letting the worthless congress and goofy presidents simply react to one crisis after another i.e. crisis management. Which is what we have had. Charles de Gualle was right about the so called “Greatest Generation” not being able to handle the truth. The greatest generation brought us nuclear blackmail and the run away government Ike warned of. And a dead president.

    Shameful that Americans let it happen unchallenged. I was 14 at the time. I am not forgetting or forgiving. Five years later I got drafted. Guys who did took an oath. I’m still partial to it. You might look it up! Vets never forget.

    These people are not heroes. The foot soldiers maybe but not these arrogant self serving prima donnas.

    Jeff until guys like you stop making these people out to be super human selfless servants we will never right the ship of state.

    Israel has stripped the U.S. of it’s sovereignty through it’s lobby and through CIA involvement in the NUMEC saga. Those efforts compromised the DOJ and FBI. You know this. I doubt seriously if that is what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind when they conceived the idea of a strong central government.

    I liked your book quite a lot but it’s contribution to solving the riddle of the murder of JFK amounts to just so many horsefeathers.

    The government is still withholding info. Why? Who gets hurt by the truth at this point Jeff?

    Jeff if you think I’m some kook and discard my comments be my guest. I win my point. The point being that the current division in the country is one capable of being fatal to the country. You might need to come and rub shoulders with us common folk. We are looking for answers.

    OBSERVATION: Last year alone over a million AR type rifles were sold. The last few years millions more. Black Friday the national gun back ground check system handled a 100K applications. That is a lot of guns Bubba!

    This country is headed for big trouble if something isn’t done to end the B.S. in D.C.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent.


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