3 thoughts on “Was James Angleton a KGB mole?”

  1. Good reads (2016 and 2018 articles), Jeff. You sledgehammered the point of how the “intelligence agencies” direct societies, through mass media and propaganda campaigns, to levels of conformity and disinformation most would deny – even in their most lucid consciousness. Angleton’s impact on the “Deep State” (through the FBI) spilled over into the Public State where, even now, we fail to recognize the globalist influence and character of the existing “Deep State.” Never forget the “Cold War” was about global hegemony, and advancement of capitalism to the ruin of socialism.

  2. “He would not have been surprised by Russia’s meddling in the U.S. presidential election of 2016.”
    “Substitute “Putin’s Russia” for “Soviet bloc” and you’ve captured the FSB-sponsored social media operations in recent U.S., French, and German elections.”
    Have I misinterpreted your meaning?
    Sounds like you have swallowed the CNN-Democrat Party crap about “Russia meddling”. Do you also believe that the DNC servers were “hacked”?
    If this is true you’ve lost a lot of credibility with me.
    Please explain what meaning was intended by those comments??

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