JFK Facts site upgrade coming this week

I have made some small but overdue changes to the navigation of JFK Facts, which will go live later this week. If you want to preview the changes, click here.

Do you want to contribute to the new look of JFK Facts?

I am looking new banner images for the site. Any such image must follow the format of the current image, with 3,4,5 or 6 images from the JFK era edited into a single JPEG (or PNG) file that measures 940 × 140 pixels. Photos that are not 940 x 140 will not be considered.

If I use your image on the site, you will be fully credited.

I always welcome suggestions about how to improve the functionality and service of JFK Facts. Just send me an email.

2 thoughts on “JFK Facts site upgrade coming this week”

  1. I would like to mail you my research on JFK assignation. I am a retired pediatrican and some of my friends were in the er when Kennedy arrived.

    Need email address to mail it to you
    Thank you
    Tom Fitch
    PS I sent it to info@JFKFacts.org

  2. Allow more discussion by printing posts that might diverge from your point of view. There used to be more comments allowed on this site and I always learned from the various posters. I always post with backup documentation, as I learned to do in historiography classes and required of my students, but now it is difficult to get my comments approved. I think everyone gains from a more open forum.

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