Data glitches mar the coming JFK file release

A timely data-rich report on the last of the goverrnment’s secret JFK files from Jimmy Falls at WhoWhatWhy.

This issue here is not “conspiracy.” The question is transparency, specifically, will the letter and the spirit of the JFK Records Act be enforced in time for President Trump’s April 28, 2018 full disclosure deadline?

“The National Archives’ commendable efforts to make the new records available online notwithstanding, overall the release process has been disappointing and disheartening,” Rex Bradford — president of the Mary Ferrell Foundation, which hosts one of the premiere sites for searchable, online JFK documents — told WhoWhatWhy.

Source: What’s Buried in the Missing JFK Documents? – WhoWhatWhy


3 thoughts on “Data glitches mar the coming JFK file release”

  1. Jeff,

    I’ve wondered for a long time who or what group at the CIA is responsible for the review, possible redaction and release of previously secret JFK documents? I can see why the methods, sources and partnerships of intelligence gathering should not be disclosed but many, if not all, of the sources and partnerships don’t exist anymore.

    So who at the CIA cares about the agency’s history being tarnished by the release of documents that don’t disclose methods?

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