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  1. Jeffrey L Smith

    My name is Jeffrey Smith from Bethlehem,PA. I’ve done extensive research on countless theories on the Magic Bullet. Here is a logical explanation I have never heard about

    Proposition A

    This pertains to the JFK neck/upper back shot;
    – hits only muscle tissue, tumbles in air, hits JC near right armpit, glancing blow that breaks rib(s), exits near right nipple, finally lands in JC left thigh.

    Backup Facts:

    – JFK/JC seating alignment perfect
    – JC armpit wound elliptical in shape (bullet tumbles after exit from JFK neck)
    – Drs. agree JC rib wound was a “glancing blow” as opposed to bullet hitting nose first
    – This fits a final resting place shallow in his thigh, and is ultimately found on JC stretcher
    – No evidence of clothing material
    – Stretcher bullet nose intact, bullet “flattened”

    Proposition B

    JFK head shot from rear explodes head, with bullet fragments spraying mostly forward (e.g. limo windshield/frame) with one of these striking JC in right wrist, exiting palmer side and falling out in limo. (the Tague “hit” could also be from a fragment).

    Backup Facts:

    – Zapruder film shows JC in good position……right arm up, holding hat momentarily
    – Sizeable bullet fragments found in limo
    – Parkland Drs. describe JC wrist wound-both in & out- as ragged, containing small bullet fragments along with bits of mohair (JC’s jacket). Clearly NOT from a “pristine” bullet

    In my opinion, this is a plausible theory which fits the known facts and eliminates Your opinion on this scenario would be appreciated.

    1. The throat wound in Kennedy’s neck is above the tie and collar. Bowron and others in immediate attendance have informed us of this. Sibert and O’Neill have indicated the back wound was below the throat wound. There is no existing photograph depicting vertical alignment between Kennedy’s wounds and Connelly’s. Bowron nicked the tie and collar with a scalpel while removing these for medical procedures. All your virtual autopsy photos and cartoon depictions disregard the correct positioning of these two wounds. Further, Kennedy never grabs his neck and there is no evidence the throat wound existed at the moment of Connelly’s wounding. What we do see is the appearance of a reflex as Kennedy’s elbows become splayed.

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