‘What we learned last week was the assassination of JFK remains a sensitive issue at the top of the U.S. government’

I was on the air Sunday night with the excellent Bruce Dumont. He is host of the “Beyond The Beltway” syndicated radio show, hosted by the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. I say he’s excellent because of his concise statement that the issue here is the rule of law. Listen.

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  1. Kennedy 63 says:

    I find it tantalizing that the three secret organizations of our government (CIA, FBI, Military) invoked either “national security” or ordered rank and file military not to “talk” about what they saw or heard during JFK’s autopsy. If “Operation Northwood” was the origin and reason for the JFK assassination, or whether a group of rogues piggybacked onto/or hijacked the basic premise of Northwood, the fact remains that JFK’s death resulted from a Northwood scenario with subsequent media propaganda directed against Cuba and the USSR. Northwood provided the perfect “excuse” for killing President Kennedy with impunity. The false premise of a nuclear war was anticipated, but the ruse collapsed when CIA sent a picture, to FBI, of someone other than Oswald at the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City.

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