Scalia’s JFK justice: keep the investigation open

In the 1970s, the conservative justice wanted to keep the JFK assassination investigation open when others would have closed it.

Scalia cleared these hurdles adroitly with a leap of legal logic

Source: Scalia’s role in the Emmett Till case – Chicago Tribune


  1. Dan says:

    Justice Scalia’s legal opinion in 1976 is important because it authorizes US government investigation of the JFK assassination today.

  2. DG Michael says:

    As John McAdams so adroitly said in another post on this site regarding the Kennedy assassination:

    “Man bites dog: Donald Trump says something sensible.”

    We can now say the same for an arch-conservative and brilliant legal mind regarding the Kennedy assassination:

    “Man bites dog: Antonin Scalia says something sensible.”


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