2 thoughts on “Ruth and Michael Paines’ curious role in the JFK story”

  1. Ruth Paine was very charismatic. But I don’t think she had anything to do with the assassination. And Oswald got the job at the TSBD because the Paines were neighbors of Wesley Frazier, and he worked there. We’re not going to make him a suspect, are we?


      Im sorry to inform you but when a homicide
      is committed especially one involving the president the authorities will always dig into the accused background. I can tell you that a person that drives you to the supposed assassination site with the supposed weapon in the back of there car will also be questioned as a possible suspect/conspirator 10 out of ten times.
      Same rings true about the occupants you lived/Stayed with the night before, Especially where a folded up blanket was found that was supposedly hiding the Murder weapon.

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